My Space Shack Interview: Frank Williams



Frank Williams.

Location and size of space

Dalston, Kingsland Road, 14 square metres.

Why did you choose Space Shack?

I was recommended Space Shack by one of my neighbours and friend of mine who lives in the same building as me, Hugo De Souza. After seeing his renovated kitchen I was amazed at the transformation and wanted to get my kitchen done as well. I then met with Omar for an initial consultation at the space and was blown away by his knowledge and expertise in interior design, he suggested some great ideas that I would never have come up with myself, and I knew at that point I wanted Space Shack to transform my home.

What was the brief? 

I needed a kitchen I could easy look after and loved the idea of having a mixture of concealed and exposed storage. Integrated Appliances were key for me, as I wanted as less visible appliances as possible. One of the main things I wanted was to have my own reading nook, a small space where I can unwind, read a book or even do some work on my laptop. A tough challenge to fulfil when you have a studio apartment like me! Also liked the idea of having a feature wall - as I knew Space Shack would come up with a great idea. And most importantly of all - maximise the open space!

What did you want your space to say?

I wanted my space to be a comfortable and practical space, but still scream trendy and classy.

What inspires you? 

I am a graphic designer, so lots of things I guess. I am a lover of great Scandinavian design and love the idea of simple interiors which to me are more eye-catching.

What’s been your biggest extravagance?

The biggest extravagance in this kitchen renovation has to be the actual kitchen units themselves. It was definitely worth it, as the matte taupe cabinetry with the white marble veined worktop looks beautiful - everyone who comes over absolutely adores it.

What’s the best bargain you’ve bought?

The best bargain I personally bought was the printed artwork in my chain frames. I was shocked at how great the quality was and they looked so trendy in the unique frames.

What has been your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge for me was to decide whether I wanted a traditional eating space in my kitchen or to go for a reading nook which I can have a casual dinner at also. I decided to go for the reading nook as I don't really eat at home that much, I prefer to use this space to work from and snack from - I have dinner at my girlfriend’s place most of the time!

What’s the best thing about your space?

The best thing about my space has to be the Reading Nook. It's so cosy, I don't want to leave it sometimes. As a result, I have gotten so much more work done recently, as I am more motivated to stay home. It saves me money and time hopping around coffee shops and looking for good wifi! What more could I want?!


Best advice when designing a space?

The best advice when designing a space is to really go for what your heart says. Having a professional helping you along the way is great, but always try and stay involved as much as you can to ensure you are happy with the end result so it truly reflects your style and personality. I worked closely with Omar and Space Shack to achieve my look, and it became a fusion of our ideas and couldn't be happier with the end result.

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Photography: Sharad Patel.