5 Designer Hot Water Bottles To Keep You Warm This Winter

Gone are the days where hot water bottles are those scalding hot rubber things your Grandmother used to give you, a product whose design seemingly hasn't changed since World War II. No, nowadays the humble hot water bottle has had a bit of a reinvention, and we're not just talking alternative covers either. Here are our top five favourite night time warmers available to buy right now, so you'll be ready for the Winter months.

Yuntanpo Water Bottle

Thing of beauty, this Japanese design by Masahiro Minami uses the principle of old fashioned ceramic which is an amazing conductor of heat and repackaged it in a lightweight, sleeker design fit for any modern minimalist lover bedroom. Available to buy at Minami Design Shop.

Wendy Legro's Too Beautiful To Hide Hot Water Bottle

Dutch designer, Wendy Legro's organically shaped hot water bottle with it's soft skin material certainly lives up to its name and reminds me of some art house party balloon crossed with one of those old school blow up mattresses. Still love it though! Available to buy at Droog.com.

Helen Moore Latte Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle

Okay, this one does rely on the old fashioned rubber design bottle but just look at what it comes wrapped up in?! I imagine animal rights protesters would have a go at you if it wasn't for the fact it's made from fake fur. So cuddlesome. Available to buy at violetsknickers.com.

The Pill Hot Water Bottle

This award-winning design made from neoprene (the same material wet suits are made from) so it stays hotter for longer, in fact five hours to be precise, and comes complete with a pull-out funnel. Also great for those who suffer from circulation issues or muscle aches, as the design is easy to hold and apply. Available to buy at cuckooland.com.

Lisbon Hot Water Bottle

This knitted cushion design made from 100% organic cotton is perfect for those who want their bottle to be out on display and merge seamlessly with their other soft furnishings. Inside is a 2 litre rubberless bottle and is made from 80% recyclable materials. Available to buy at hotwaterbottleshop.co.uk.

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