The Tiny Apartment Transformation: Make Over

Client: Olga & Jeff
Location: East London
Dwelling: House
The Space: One Bedroom Apartment
Size: 301 Square Feet (28 Square Metres)
Budget: £14,000

When Olga & Jeff came to us to discuss the potential of their run down auction bought property, we were very excited! We love the challenge of transforming a completely run down space into a truly beautiful and practical home. After careful spatial planning and a major revamp you can see the final makeover look is worlds apart from the initial space. If you want an insight into the construction of this project or just want a little refresher of the details, check out last week's post here: The Tiny Apartment Transformation: Construction.

Photo 13-02-2016, 10 43 08.jpg

The Brief:

  • Open plan kitchen/living area
  • Ample amounts of concealed storage
  • Integrated Appliances
  • Dining area for 4 people
  • A larger bedroom
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Storage solutions
  • Maximise the open space
  • Make the room brighter

The Process

  • Demolition of existing kitchen 
  • Removal of partition wall
  • Erection of new partition walls
  • New heating/plumbing system
  • New electrics
  • Re plastering walls
  • Paint
  • Laying of new floor
  • New skirting
  • New lighting
  • Installation of new kitchen and appliances
  • Furnishing & Styling
Photo 28-02-2016, 10 02 31.jpg

The Transformation

We were able to make the most of the space by having an ensuite bathroom in the bedroom. Not only did this allow us to create a larger bedroom and bathroom, but it meant that we were able to have the bathroom out of the sight in the living area. The living area was now larger than before and was able to house larger kitchen area with ample amounts of storage. A small four-seater dining table and the cosy two-seater sofa were great slim line additions to this tiny apartment space. 


The Design Features

Olga & Jeff wanted a simple clean look with minimal colours and preferred neutral tones. We chose to go with a slightly larger matte-white wall tile to make the ensuite bathroom look brighter. For the floor, we chose a two-tone metallic tile which paired well with the grey accents around the whole apartment. Storage needs were fulfilled with the cabinets around the sink. It's best to make the size of your fixtures and fittings minimal, especially when you are restricted with space as this will maximise your floor area.


The small walk-in shower with a toughened glass screen was a perfect fit for the space and looked incredibly sleek and contemporary. This new indulgent fixture will no doubt ensure Olga and Jeff are late for work every morning!


We opted for a matte finish for the taupe kitchen cabinets. The simple and sleek aluminium handles are a great design addition and adds a bit of class. We paired the cabinets with a rustic copper worktop which complimented the entire theme of kitchen/living room space.

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Photography: Andreas Grieger