East London Extension: The Construction

Its that time again. We've completed another breathtaking transformation and are extremely proud to showcase this work and talk through the entire process and give you great, valuable design tips along the way! Before we show you the finished kitchen though, we're going to tease you with a breakdown of what went down during this project.

Who's the client?
Our client was in fact a 4 person family. They spend a lot of time in the kitchen: cooking, using the space for casual and formal dining, as well as being the social hub to the home after work in the evenings.

What they wanted?
When we were approached by the Hussain family, we knew this would be an interesting project. They wanted someone to take control of the entire process from start to end, design, build and project management. They have a small immediate family but a rather large extended family who visit regularly and cook and dine together. The family wanted a larger kitchen space where they could dine in daily as well as entertain their guests for gatherings and parties. Extending the original kitchen was a must as they definitely wanted more space along with bringing in entirely new kitchen cabinetry and worktops which reflected their different personality's and varying design styles. 

They also had a beautiful traditional 10 year old conservatory which was actually not practical for them as during the Winters it was far too cold to use and equally the Summers were far too hot! So, they wanted to finally resolve this issue to ensure they could use this space efficiently. 

Why did Space Shack take on the project?
We took on this project because it was extremely challenging as it was for a family home, meaning there were many people involved in the project, contributing to the design brief as everyone had their own requirements. Taking on this challenge was a risk and to satisfy all the family was going to be difficult but incredibly rewarding if we got right. However, we're confident that we will deliver a beautiful transformation and keep everyone happy!

What was the initial space like?
The initial space was small, dark and extremely dated. There was a huge island in the middle of the kitchen leaving almost no space to move around the kitchen. The adjoining conservatory was also very dark and as mentioned before, the weather proofing was terrible and in much need of renovation and space planning.

What do we plan to do?
For the Hussain family, we plan to completely strip out the entire kitchen and extend it into the garden by 3.5 metres. This will give them more than enough space for a larger kitchen and a dedicated dining space. Installing a contemporary kitchen with lots of storage and worktop space is a must to cater to the family's love for cooking. As for the conservatory, we plan to re insulate all the dwarf walls and also install underfloor heating and a state of the art air conditioning unit to help tackle the weather issues.

The Brief:

  • A large kitchen area
  • A breakfast bar to seat 2-3 people
  • A dining space to seat 6-8 people
  • Concealed storage solutions
  • Minimalistic colour pallete
  • Integrated appliances
  • Maximise the open space
  • Make the room brighter

As you can see, the existing kitchen area was extremely dated and screams "Give me some love!" - and thats exactly what we are going to do! There is so much potential in this space, especially as we'll be extending it 3.5 metres out into the garden giving us much needed added space for the family dedicated dining area. However, there are still a few challenges that lie ahead. Firstly, gaining planning permission and secondly, ensuring all involved members of the family are on the same page and happy as the work progresses. Personally, this is always the biggest challenge when working with multiple clients in one project, but as long as everyone can come to a mutual agreement and are genuinely happy then we know we're heading in the right direction.

Now you've seen what the space looked like before, I'm sure your reeling to see the finished space. Well you will have to check back next week to see the finished project!

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Photography: Andreas Greiger