My Space Shack Interview: Hugo De Souza

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Hugo De Souza..

Location and size of space

Dalston, Kingsland Road, 14 square metres.

Why did you choose Space Shack?

I was searching for someone who could take control of the entire project from start to finish but still retain my own personal style within the interior. After my initial consultation with Space Shack, I was impressed by Omar’s presentation and his work ethic. He was easy to get along with and most importantly he understood my vision which I initially found difficult to explain. The main element that drew me to choosing Space Shack is because I could see they had a lot of experience with transforming small run down spaces into beautiful space saving living solutions.

What was the brief? 

Really simple. In one small space I needed an easy to maintain kitchen area, a dining area for two people. I really wanted a feature wall, and was open to suggestions on achieving this look.

As I was restricted with space, a key element to the design brief was to maximise space and have as much open space as possible and ensure the room looks brighter generally as it's quite dark.

What did you want your space to say?

Overall I wanted a space to welcome guests and be proud of my kitchen. Although it's small, I wanted to be proud of it and not turn my friends away at the door because I was embarrassed of the state of it prior to the space shack treatment.

What inspires you? 

I love all things design. I initially created a Pinterest board with all my ideas which I presented to Omar at our initial consultation so he could get a better idea of the design style I was hoping to achieve.

What’s been your biggest extravagance?

My biggest extravagance has to be the Kartell Bar stools. They were definitely worth it, they look great. Matte grey is my favourite!

What’s the best bargain you’ve bought?

The best bargain I bought was definitely the grey kitchen wall cabinets. 

What has been your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge during this project has to have been making the most of the small space and still making it look spacious.

What’s the best thing about your space?

Its difficult to choose the best thing about my space. I absolutely love the simplicity of the gallery wall. Especially whilst having breakfast in the morning, the monochromatic colours feel refreshing and cool. Also, I love the versatility of this gallery wall. I can place either a breakfast bar here or even a console table if I decide to change up at a later stage, both look absolutely great!

Best advice when designing a space?

Keep things minimal. Listen to the professionals advice and plan things to the best of your ability, time restrictions and budget. Always take into consideration the pieces sourced by your interior designer, you will be surprised at the items they source and will be left wanting to know their endless list of suppliers and retailers for more!

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Photography: Sharad Patel