The 5 Most Common Interior Design Mistakes & How To Avoid Them!

With 2017 on the horizon you maybe thinking of making over your home but there are a few cardinal rules you should follow to avoid the most common mistakes people make with interior design. If you can avoid these then you're onto a great start!

Mount Your TV Correctly

Mounting your Flatscreen TV is incredibly important. Place it too high and you and your family will eventually get neck ache and never fully relax either. Your television should always be eye level to your sitting position on your sofa (basically sat in an upright position), so consider how high or shallow your sofa is in relation to your television.

Move Your Furniture Away From The Walls

Photo: Elle Decor

Photo: Elle Decor

It's instinctive to push furniture against the wall to give you more space but, if you have the space, why not try to move your furniture at least a few centimetres away from your walls as this will make a huge difference to the make up of the room and draw your eye to key items, giving them some breathing space in the process.

Measure Your Room

So many people get excited about renovating their home and it's not surprising the excitement of it all inevitably encourages you to start buying furniture as the first step. However, resist the urge until you've actually measured your room! This is a simple mistake to make and can drastically ruin the overall design of your space and could also become quite costly to correct after your delivery day.

Invest In Good Lighting

Lighting was an important feature for our  East London Extension .

Lighting was an important feature for our East London Extension.

Don't waste all your effort and money by forgetting to invest in fantastic lighting. Show off your new home properly. Try mixing it up with various lights, ceiling lights, wall lights and lamps and ensure you have these all wired to separate dimmer switches so you can set the mood. If you want more advice and tips, check out our guides to becoming a 'Lighting Genius' Part One and Part Two.

Follow Your Instinct

Designing your home and commissioning a professional like Space Shack can be a time consuming and stressful experience, as well as hopefully a very exciting and creative journey. A good interior design consultant will always listen to your needs and concerns and offer ideas to solve these problems. Though it's worth remembering, at the end of the day, when it's all finished, only you will be living in it, so always listen to your instincts when making decisions and weighing up the pros and cons. You won't regret it, I promise you.

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Love Omar x