Decorum Photo Shoot

We are beyond excited to share with you the final shoot from our collaboration with Decorum. The brief was simple, to style their new product range for their store in Boxpark, Shoreditch. We wanted to highlight the dark, earthy look synonymous with their brand and give it some Space Shack sophistication. We took this the next step further and gave the table setting specifically, a regal chic look which in our opinion looked epic! It turned out better than we imagined and the folks at Decorum were over the moon with what we produced for them. We've shared some of our top styling tips (and secrets) for each of the key looks, just so you can have a go at styling different spaces in your own home. Enjoy!

The Essentials

Description: This shelving system has all of your kitchen or dining essentials.
Styling Tip: To make an impact, try to group the items of the same colour and materials as this will make the look more consistent and look less scattered. 

Marble Mania

Description: We love a bit of marble at Space Shack as it oozes elegance and class. This set up was great opportunity to show off their newest marble chopping boards along with some other home essentials.
Styling Tip: Take into consideration proportions. When styling, try to mix up items which belong together but are of different heights, shapes and sizes, as this will give you a very dramatic look.

Picture Perfect

Decorum_8 Low Res.jpg

Description: The main focus of this simple shelf is the cute photo frame, however the touch of greenery really brought the space to life.
Styling Tip: Show off your beautiful simple frames with a smaller polaroid photo to give an understated look, allow both the beauty of the frame and the photo compliment rather than overpower each other.

Dark Fantasy

Decorum_9 Low Res.jpg

Description: Whether it's your reading nook or an addition to your bedroom where you can have a morning cuppa, this dark and sophisticated butterfly chair has a certain contemporary flair which we absolutely love.
Styling Tip: A great way to break up the harshness of an imposing black chair is to use a mix of patterned and textured cushions, this will draw the eye and soften the corner arrangement. 

Regal Chic

Description: A table setting fit for a King or Queen. This had to be the most fun look to style for the shoot.
Styling Tip: Think of your proportions when setting a 'show-stopping' table like this. Begin by planning your menu, so you know how much space you actually need for food, then you can begin to play around with the extra space and start being adventurous by dressing it with candles and ornaments.

A Royal Affair

Description: Grapes, Pomegranates & Vines - A Royal Affair.
Styling Tip: Greenery is key as it literally brings life to any space or setting. Incorporate some greenery in your table setting whether it's overtly extravagant or incredibly subtle. Either way, it will make the world of a difference to the overall look, I guarantee you!

The Details

Description: We chose to mix up the crockery, by using plain and textured plates to give the table setting some extra 'Va Va Voom'! We paired the dinnerware with brass cutlery to compliment the rest of the brass accents across the table setting.
Styling Tip: Instead of traditional table mats, we opted for marble serving boards as our place holders instead. They may be heavy to move but they sure do look amazing, so why not try this at for your next dinner party!

Christmas Chic

Description: As Christmas is nearly upon us, so we decided to get into the Christmas spirit and free the table up for the Holiday Season with a look complete with baubles of all sizes and candles galore!
Styling Tip: If you have a table large enough, don't be afraid to go a little crazy with the candles - honestly, just try it! Using various shapes and sizes really gives your setting real impact and will impress your friends, plus being quite affordable too.

Simply Versatile

Decorum_19 Low Res.jpg

Description: This super sleek coat peg and stand is multi-functional. Not only does it hold your coats and hats but it also is a great stylish addition to any hallway. The clean lines and movable pegs are a great choice for anyone looking for a suitable hallway storage solution that doesn't take up too much room.
Styling Tip: You can pair these two items together like we have for extra storage or why not position them next to a shelf or hallway mirror to create a vanity space - practical and beautiful!

Big thank you to everyone at Decorum for being such stars on the day. If you want to check out behind-the- scenes of our Decorum shoot, visit our blog here. In the meantime, hope we've inspired you enough for your own festive dining plans.

Love Omar x