Our Designer Hacks To Prepare Your Home For 2017

2017 is nearly here, and after this momentous year we've had I'm sure many of us will be looking towards turning a new leaf and perhaps thinking about how to improve your home. Before you start considering commissioning builders to come in and transform your home, there are a few easier steps you can start implementing come January! Here are our five simple designer hacks to prepare your home for the new year:

Spring Clean Now!

Seems obvious and it is - don't wait for the Spring to do this! Sort out your home during the dull, dark Winter months whilst you spend a lot of time indoors and have little cash to entertain yourself. Marie Kondo's Spark Joy: An Illustrated Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying is an incredible book, which breaks down spring cleaning into manageable steps. It will make you feel like a Feng Shui artist who would give Mr Miyagi a run for his money!

Upgrade Your Central Heating

If you can afford this, this will be the most effective and money saving thing you can do for your home. Investing in a new boiler, thermostat or installing insulation could knock off hundreds of pounds, especially if you're considering extending your kitchen or living area which will naturally increase the size of your home and add to your heating bills. Other energy saving devices like solar panels could also be an option but something to perhaps consider as part of your overall renovations plans. Check out the Government's Green Deal Plan for energy tips for your home and to see if you qualify for any grants using their calculator.

Car Boot Your Old Belongings

Remember that great ad campaign for IKEA "Chuck out your chintz!"? Well, we swear by this as an annual event for every household. There's nothing more therapeutic than to clear your home of stuff you just don't use or have space for anymore and a good rule of thumb is, if you haven't used it in the last two years then it's probably time to get rid of it! You could even make a bit of money towards your renovation which is an added bonus. If you want to know where your nearest Car Boot Sale event in London is then visit Car Boot Junction.

Photo:  zipcar.co.uk

Go Wireless

You may have got a new sound system, flat screen TV this Christmas, or maybe finally got that Spotify or Audible account so you can listen to your favourite music and audio books perhaps? The Amazon Echo is perfect hands-free speaker for your home, so you can get the latest news or bring up your favourite tune to dance around the living room to whilst you vacuum. Also worth investing in a Wireless Wall Switch for your lighting so you can control the mood of each room throughout the day at the flick of a central switch and also buy some cable tidy wraps or cable tidy unit so the back of your units don't look like a cable graveyard!

Photo:  Amazon.co.uk

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Love Omar x