5 Great Trends For A Feature Wall

We all have a board room or living space with a large intimidating wall which screams out for something exciting to happen to it. Usually, we can use furniture to fill this space, use wallpaper or just paint it in a bold colour, but with a little bit of imagination you can give it some extra 'WOW' factor and ensure your friends get major wall envy when they come and visit! Here are Space Shack's five great ideas for turning a dull and boring wall into a Feature Wall:


1. Digital Art

This is an absolute craze right now! The geometric style of digital art can bring an urban feel to any interior. Its perfect for minimalistic interiors and for people who like to be slightly adventurous - why not make your feature wall seasonal? Any form of Art is great as you can replace/move it anywhere at anytime and this will dramatically change the look of your interior.

STYLE TIP: Try to pick out an accent colour from your room and emphasise it through the artwork!

RECOMMENDATION: Daniel Perfeito and Mary Narduzzo.

Daniel Perfeito

Daniel Perfeito



This is a great way to bring some character to your wall. Vinyl stickers can look great if done correctly. The various styles and sizes available allow you to create your own unique feature wall. They're also easy to peel off incase you wish to change the style of your space. We absolutely love this calendar vinyl sticker, its a great addition to any office or commercial space.

STYLE TIP: Try to stay away from the typical designs such as floral/abstract patterns and have a statement calendar or even world map!




3. Wallpaper

This traditional method of wall covering can be timeless, if done correctly. Be sure to take some time sampling different colours and patterns to ensure you absolutely love it because this option isn't as easy to change as often as artwork!

STYLE TIP: Sample as many styles as you can, create your own inspiration board to make it easier!

RECOMMENDATION:  AmaraDesigners GuildSanderson and Harlequin.





4. Tiles

Tiles are the cleanest, most sophisticated of all these options. They are practical and you can have a lot of fun with the variety of design styles. Although, do bare in mind these could be one of the most expensive as you will require additional material such as tile adhesive and grout which bumps up your overall price. They're ideal for kitchens and bathrooms but if your really creative and would like to bring out your inner designer, it can be a feature behind your fireplace in the living room! 

STYLE TIP: We adore the impact of chevron patterned tiles, they look great as a kitchen splashback or even a larger feature wall!





5. Timber Cladding

The natural textures of timber is the key to its overall look. Timber cladding gives you an authentic look and can completely transform the ambience of any room. We have seen it done in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms - the list goes on! However, if done with precision and care it will look great in any one of these rooms and bring warmth and a homely feel to it.

STYLE TIP: Use reclaimed wood. Not only will it give you the true modern rustic look but it will also help the environment as your'e recycling! Oh, and a little bonus tip - cladding your wall with the timber planks vertically will give the illusion your ceiling is far higher!

RECOMMENDATION: Look in local scrap yards, skips and even builder merchants to pick up bargains (if not for free!)