My Space Shack Interview: Nadia Hussain


I'm Nadia Hussain and I'm the CEO and owner of Hair & Make-Up by Nadia.

Location and size of space

East London make-up studio, around 17square metres.

Why did you choose Space Shack?

I was looking for a cost-effective solution to my beauty school needs and the young fresh out-look of Space Shack grabbed my attention immediately. Omar and his team's 'can-do attitude' is what really made me trust in their vision.

What was the brief? 

I wanted to create the illusion of a large space in a small area, but from a practical sense, also set up a maximum number of beautiful looking, yet functional work stations in the limited space I had at the same time. I also needed to make my customers who are mostly women, feel comfortable and feel as though they were in a safe pair of hands so they can trust me and my brand. Priorities were a clean space for bridal hair and makeup consultations,  space for a several trainee make-up artists to watch my demos so I can show them how to create hair and make-up looks on models. I also needed a private location for self-grooming classes.

I'm a fan of minimal colours and simple, clean lines and I wanted my make-up to showcase the work I do more than the actual space itself - as it's merely a backdrop for my client. Lighting was crucial and had to be on point to showcase the quality of the work I do.

What did you want your space to say?

I wanted the space to ooze class and luxury, yet have lots of storage and be extremely practical and be a reflection of my work.

What inspires you? 

Good question! All sorts, really. New trends, make-up obviously. Most of all, seeing my clients happy and trusting me to do my job on the day, which for many is the biggest day in their life!

What’s been your biggest extravagance?

My biggest extravagance definitely has to have been the consoles! They were definitely worth every penny though and they work incredibly well with the entire studio look.

What’s the best bargain you’ve bought?

The biggest bargain from this project is the multicoloured pastel rug. It was sourced from a tiny little store on Portobello Market in London and lifts the entire room. 

What has been your biggest challenge?

Making the most out of existing limited space and transforming this into a practical space which caters for all my business needs (and still making it look pretty at the same time!).

What’s the best thing about your space?

The fact that every single client who has walked through my door has been taken aback about how professional it all looks. I've had so many positive comments about my studio, it's absolutely the best feeling in the world to know Space Shack made my space so perfect! It's show's how skilled they are that they were able to reflect my tastes and requirements and ultimately make all my clients feel comfortable and inspired when they visit - it's everything I could have hoped for really.

Best advice when designing a space?

Listen to your interior designer’s and architects advice and plan things to the best of your ability, time restrictions and budget! Always allow a proportion of your budget for the most important items you need, in my case, the work stations were key as I wanted that specific look and the dimensions worked perfectly with the mirrors sourced by Space Shack.

You can check out Nadia's website here and also watch her tutorial videos via YouTube.