10 Things To Read Before You Start Interior Designing Your Life!

The daily American Bible of Interior Design. Daily interviews, tips, make overs - you name it! It's all here, and you'll want to live in every home you read about after the first five mins of surfing.

2. Sage Living by Anne Sage

Blogger Anne Sage shows real homes, belonging to real people. Totally relatable design inspiration showing you how different people shape their homes to fit their lifestyles.

3. Abigail Ahern Colour

Afraid of using bold colours. Look no further. Abigail Ahern will guide you through it and make you confident in introducing colour into your home. I love the minimalist cover too, but I won't judge it of course! 

4. Pinterest

Okay, technically not something you read but there are captions and if you're not pinning and making mood boards for your ideal room before you start, what on earth are you doing?! Great place to get ideas and source items for your home.

5. Design Milk

If you like your design cleaner and more minimalist, then this blog is for you. Covering architecture, art, interiors, style, travel and tech, it's the perfect contemporary news site for the modern design fanatic.

6. Dwell

If you love, love, love architecture then this is just 'building porn' website you need. Even the design of the site screams sparse, open spaces. This will make you want to live in the middle of nowhere in a large timber formed house or move to Sweden.

7. The Little Book of Hygge

Bestselling book on Amazon from Meik Wiking, CEO of The Happiness Research Institute. (such a place exists?!) He's from Denmark the best place to live in the world apparently, so he must know his stuff when it comes to making your home full of the things that will bring you pleasure.

8. Cabin Porn

I saw this book earlier this year, it's the kind of heavy coffee table book you want in your living room for your guests to flick through and for yourself to fantasise over when you're stuck indoors wondering why you can't afford to live in the wilderness where it's peaceful but still want wifi and an Nespresso coffee maker to hand.

9. Design Sponge

Described as 'Martha Stewart for Millennials' by The New York Times. Run by Brooklyn-based writer, Grace Bonney. Great little read and updated regularly unlike other interior design blogs!

10. IKEA Catalogue

I couldn't do this list without mentioning THE Bible. The IKEA catalogue. Whether you're a student, mother of two, new home owner, everyone has picked this up! There's always something in there you need or want. I read somewhere once the average person who visits IKEA not intending to purchase anything actually ends up spending around £70!