12 Things We Saw and Loved At London Design Week 2016

1. Ginger & Jagger (Decorex)

This colour palette has all the ingredients for an elegant room, pastels with indigo is the latest interior craze, and we can see why with Ginger and Jagger’s work!

2. Tom Raffield (Decorex)

Tom’s clever use of wood to create unique lighting has us wanting more.

3. The New Craftsman (Decorex)

In the ever-changing world of design, originality is hard to come by and the new Craftsmen show us they are truly Britain's finest!

4. Turkey – The Wish Machine (Design Bienalle)

Imagine a contemporary incarnation of the 'wishing tree', messages are fed into the machine and transported through transparent tubes, before being deposited into the unknown, like coins tossed into a well. We could watch this forever!

5. Japan – A Journey Around the Neighbourhood Globe (Design Bienalle)

Yasuhiro Suzuki likes to take a sideways look at everyday objects, a Japanese concept called 'mitate'. His installation consists of a large inflatable human figure, titled 'Napping Traveller’ and surprisingly it didn't over shadow his other works that were equally impressive!

6. Israel – Human.Touch (Design Bienalle)

ACT Shenkar presents two innovative projects: a device for parachuting supplies into disaster areas (the bird looking things), and Louder; a pair of speakers designed for deaf people. We were touched by how Shankar made us feel, if only for a tiny moment compared to those actually suffering. A great example of how to turn a morose subject matter into something beautiful. 

7. Also Adam (London Design Fair)

Right on trend this season Also Adam shows us how to make mixing prints look effortless!

8. Lee Broome’s Opticality (London Design Fair)

We were left mesmerised by Broome’s light display, and feeling some retro vibes.

9. HAAM Ceramics (London Design Fair)


We absolutley adore this inky blue hue! And it looks pretty amazing on the beautiful ceramic tableware by Haam. 

10. Reading Steps by James Plumb (Burberry Makers House)

Now, who doesn’t need somewhere comfy and slightly theatrical to sit with their favourite novel? The idea behind this concept that it’s a destination rather than a means to get somewhere is such fantastic idea. Well, you’ll know where to find us! 

11. Courtyard (Burberry Makers House)

Burberry’s fairytale garden has us turning our minds to landscape design.

12. The Fashion (Burberry Makers House)

Being able to see the new collection in all its glory was something special, and still proves interior design and fashion are always seamlessly connected. We noticed the moody colours, floral and hints of animal print as well as endless amounts of layering - definitely excited and ready for Fall/Winter fashion.