5 Blue Rooms To Cheer You Up During Your January Blues!

January is here. Cold, wet and miserable. They don't call it 'January Blues' for nothing. However, always the one to find the silver lining on every cloud. Blue is actually the on-trend colour for this year, so we've found our favourite blue rooms to inspire your very own home and hopefully cheer you up in the process!

1. Blue Goes With Frames

Dark navy and peacock blues lift your photos and pictures from your wall like you cannot believe! Whether or not you have classic black or white minimalist frames or old fashioned ornate gold picture frames, having blue walls does wonders for the art in your home. 

2. Blue Goes With Textiles

Whether it's ginghams, cheques, geometric patterns or repeat-pattern florals, if you choose your soft furnishings within the same blue tones like this bedroom featured above, it can create an incredibly classic, yet soothing feel to your room. Ideal for bedrooms or living rooms where you want to relax and be surrounded by gorgeous textures.

3. Blue Goes With Bathrooms

Image:  Design Soda

Bathrooms and downstairs toilets can be some of the smallest rooms in your home so using blue can really pull everything together to produce an intimate, less sterile and cold space which the usual white tile look can do. Using elements of brass or gold on your tap fittings, mirror edging or utensils complements fantastically well with dark blues - so embrace the look with every small detail. We particular love the use of floor tiles and stark black and white shower curtain in this bathroom above.

4. Blue Can Be Calming

Do you have a home office or place of study? Cooler blue tones can be incredibly calming and give your room the relaxing and academic feel you might need. Blues really help focus the mind when it comes to work and is easy on the eye for those long periods of staring at a computer screen. Denim Drift is the Dulux Colour of 2017 is the perfect muted blue with a touch of grey - ideal for this space in our opinion.

5. Blue Goes With Books

Again, using a versatile grey-blue is the perfect combination for any book lovers out there. Using colour this way can really solidify your walls and give any growing library a homely feel to it, counteracting any potential accidental "public library/bookshop feel" which may happen with standard natural woods or plain white shelving.

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