The Hoxton Studio: Makeover

Client: Private Landlord
Location: Hoxton, East London
Dwelling: Apartment
The Space: Studio Apartment
Size: 270 Square Feet (25 Square Metres)
Budget: £10,000

It's that time again, and we've wrapped up another project; this time in the heart of Hoxton in East London for a private landlord. Tired of continually getting low rent for a space in a prime London location, Space Shack was appointed to revamp and modernise this space, which we felt had so much potential to attract the right tenants. With the right makeover, we believed it could become the ideal short let/holiday sublet which would, in turn, allow him to increase his monthly rental price. We've been working tirelessly over the last few months to bring this renovation to life and excited to finally show you the before-and-after results - and what a transformation it is! If you want an insight into the construction of this project or just want a little refresher of the details, check out last week's post here: The Hoxton Studio: Construction.

The Brief:

  • Modernise the entire space
  • Maximise the open space
  • Make the room brighter
  • Maximise the open space
  • Make the room brighter
  • Use a light neutral and adaptable colour palette
  • Dining area for 2/4 people
  • Newly fitted kitchen with storage
  • Update the shower room
  • Storage solutions

The Process

  • Demolition of existing kitchen 
  • Demolition of existing shower room
  • New heating/plumbing system
  • New electrics
  • Re-plastering walls
  • Paint
  • Laying of new floor
  • New skirting
  • New lighting
  • Installation of new kitchen and appliances
  • Furnishing & Styling

The Transformation

This Hoxton studio was in dire need of a makeover. The existing interior was extremely dated and therefore reflected the low monthly rent our private landlord client was currently receiving. We knew our main goal was to spruce up this space and make it look appealing to potential short-term tenants, e.g. turn it into an Airbnb-style property for tourists looking for a weekend break in London or locals after a 'staycation' - which are surprisingly popular in Hoxton! We chose to swap the kitchen area and the bed areas, to ensure you immediately walk into a living space rather than sleeping area. This is one of the simplest ways to rearrange a studio space, if you have enough space, and can make a small studio apartment a lot more welcoming and much more practical in the process. 


The compact kitchen area houses all the mod-cons required by a short-term tenant and managed to install a washing machine, fridge oven with hob, and sink unit. We make the effort to conceal the boiler, yet still made it easily accessible if needed.

As we opted for a very simple and clean look for the interior, deciding to style it with pastels and browns to really liven up the overall space. By keeping the interior of this studio apartment simple and using a less restricted with a colour palette, it allows the landlord to be flexible with changing the soft furnishings and decorative accessories. When designing a short let space, it's alway worth remembering your space needs to be easily maintained and kept in good condition with minimal items that low maintenance to repair or replace, as you can never guarantee how someone will live in it.

The Design Features

The shower room was our biggest transformation. Before we begun, there was a lot of horrid looking damp and damage on the walls and ceilings. There weren't even any wall tiles, apart from a little splashback made behind the sink, so we decided to strip this shower room back completely and use larger tiles on the walls and floors. Using large tiles means having fewer grout lines, making any space look bigger immediately. We concealed all the exposed pipes to give a much more minimal look and went for a light colour palette which complimented the main studio space and also brightened the shower room as a whole.

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Photography: Andreas Grieger