The Hoxton Studio: Construction

It's that time again, as we've wrapped up another project; this time in the heart of Hoxton in East London. This studio space was, to be perfectly honest, in desperate need of repair - if not an actual make over. Space Shack and our incredible team have been working tirelessly over the last few months and are excited to show you the results, though you'll have to wait another week before we show you the finished studio apartment. 

Who's the client?

We were approached by the landlord who wanted to modernise and upgrade this space in order to attract the right tenants. Most people viewing this space would run a mile but Space Shack immediately saw the potential and we were more than happy to take it on. We do love a challenge!

What they wanted?

As the studio space was relatively small and our client wanted to maximise the space yet still keep it looking open and clean without any additional clutter on show. However, as the purpose of this studio was for short-term lettings, the quality and design needed to reflect this requirement and various elements needed to be taken into consideration. The full brief below was created below based on this and we were put to work right away once it was approved.

Why did Space Shack take on the project?

As you may have seen from our previous commissions, we've done many similar projects to this before. We took on this one as we genuinely do love small projects like this - honestly, we do! Any chance we can get to explore maximising a small room and enhancing the usability of a space is our thing! 

What was the initial space like?

The initial studio space was in dire need for renovation was extremely dated and run down. There was mould, leaks, peeling wallpaper and bad fittings. You name it - this place was suffering! So much so, it was becoming difficult for this landlord to rent the property. It was time for an interior designer to step in, as leaving it in the current condition would have made it uninhabitable sooner or later.

What do we plan to do?

There's no question, this small studio apartment had become an inviting space where potential short term tenants or holiday makers could enjoy their stay, otherwise our client would start to lose money on his investment. So timing was key to the project and we started by relocating the kitchen area and upgrading the units and worktops to change the image of the kitchen. We then replaced the existing dark wood laminate flooring with a washed white laminate flooring to brighten up the floor space to give the illusion of more space. The bathroom required a complete overhaul and the plumbing desperately needed updating too. Once these basics were complete, the styling could begin - our favourite part of any project!

The Brief:

  • Space for double bed
  • Incorporate a two-seater sofa
  • Small kitchen area
  • A dining space to seat 2-4 people
  • Concealed storage solutions
  • Minimalistic colour palette
  • Integrated appliances
  • Maximise the open space
  • Make the room brighter

Now you've seen what the space looked like before, I'm sure you're dying to see the finished space now, right? Well, you will have to check back next week to see the finished project! I promise you, it's worth the wait!

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Photography: Andreas Greiger