Five Reasons Why We Love Scandinavian Design

Simplicity, minimalism and functionality are all words we hear when people attempt to describe their style preferences, although what many don't realise is, these are all characteristics of the Scandinavian design movement that came to life in the 1950s. Inspired by inhospitable conditions, the Scandinavians developed a unique design approach which encompassed their way of life, beautiful craftsmanship and the need for housing to survive the severe seasonal climate changes. This combination helped develop the interiors we recognise today - a unique blend of practicality and aesthetics. After a long hard day at work, it's important the spaces that surround you help you relax and unwind. Scandinavian Interiors is ideal if you want a home which isn't cluttered or messy enough to stress you out even further. Think of it as meditative in its approach. Here’s a few design ethics we adore from the Scandinavian design movement which we try and incorporate in our modern day projects and design choices.


Image:  Ultral  inx

Image: Ultralinx

How do you make a grey stone and concrete bathroom cosy and relaxing within a white space? Why not add timber window frames as well as a wooden towel holder, along with sheer white accessories and bathroom linens.


The hints of mustard inside this space complement the different tones of wood and navy blue chair cushions, transforming this neutral potential cold living space into a trendy, relaxing yet inviting environment. 

Exposed Shelves

Image: Ad Magazin

Image: Ad Magazin

One Scandinavian functional characteristic is shelving and storage without doors. This vanity allows your towels and bathroom items to be on display and enable small spaces to feel less confined. 


Image: Planete-Deco

Image: Planete-Deco

Adding three different colour tones to your dining space not only adds more flair to your room, but it also creates a focal point and diffuses the formality of the seating arrangement at the same time. Using a maximum of three colours is also very typical of the Scandi look.


Image: Foam & Bubbles

Image: Foam & Bubbles

Scandinavian Design places functionality first and foremost. The decoration is minimal, like the patterns on these bathroom tiles and sparse ornaments, so approach each interior and furniture purchase with the mindset of stripping everything back to its simplest form. If you do this, then the Scandi look will come naturally to you.

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Love Omar x