Thanksgiving Inspired Table Settings 

The Winter season means we now have to layer up and embrace the cold weather, though there are some fantastic festive holidays to look forward to such as Halloween and Christmas, yet one overlooked American tradition and an excuse to celebrate is Thanksgiving. We know 'Thanksgiving Day' is celebrated in the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands, but not many people are aware Liberia do too with a similar festival day occurring in Germany and Japan? The 'big feast' is the central part of the day, where the whole family gets to eat a massive turkey along with stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes, cornbread, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. Having family around the dinner table is a heartwarming moment for any holiday, so getting this look just right is key for many host or hostess. We'd thought we'd give thanks by sharing our top Thanksgiving table setting tips with you, so you're ready for next week!

Natural Colour

As Thanksgiving is all about being, well, thankful, I believe this includes being grateful for our natural surroundings such as the plants and flowers that brighten up our world. Incorporating these organic elements into your table design and making them the centerpiece is one way of acknowledging Mother Earth and all her splendour.

Go Round

We've all been to big dinner parties where we relegate the children to a smaller table, or completely forget the relative and end up placing them at the corner of a table. Avoid this social faux pas by investing in a round dining table, as these are perfect if you want to socialise with only two or six extra dinner guests. They can also make your room feel much more spacious compared to a rectangular dining table.  

More The Merrier

If you are the social butterfly of your friends and tempted to host a large party but want the intimacy of dinner then why not invest in a long table. Keep decoration as minimal but repeat them often to bring your table design together. Low hanging lighting will also help keep the mood intimate despite the number of people.

A Personal Touch

A cheap and effective way of making a table feel special are place settings. Having a card with your name beautifully inscribed on it, waiting for you is subtle formal touch. It's also a great way of practicing your calligraphy skills, or maybe you can get creative by finding images that represent your guests, making it humorous and getting creative provides a great way of getting people talking at the start of the evening too.

Gifts For Guests

After a fantastic evening, why not go the extra mile and leave a small gift for your guests. Handicrafts, a poem or a photo, add a personal touch to your table setting and ensures your guests remember you and your dinner party afterward. 

Love Omar x

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