Everything You Want To Know About Air Conditioning But Were Afraid To Ask!

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Some of you may say that air conditioning units in the UK are pointless. However, as the temperature is increasing year by year, the summer months have become quite unbearable for some of our clients. We have had many clients who require these AC units fitted because regular fans just don’t do the job. Even if you get the most advanced Dyson fan for example, they are sometimes just not big enough to tackle a large room or living space. 

Do you need air-conditioning?

Before you start, you need to consider whether you need air conditioning units fitted in the first place. Check out the temperature fluctuations in your home and make a record of the increase in temperature during the summer months during the day and night time and how it affects your living conditions. It makes more sense to have them fitted if the majority of your home is glass. For example, if you have floor-to-ceiling windows, sunlight will penetrate through this and heat up your room quite quickly. Also, remember glass lets in the heat and the cold during the Winter. Nowadays you can get fantastic air conditioning units with dual features that allow for heating as well. Having this functionality is usually the deciding factor to getting units fitted.

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Which areas in your home require units?

Don't put your air-con just anywhere. Be sure to place your units in places where you can make the most of them. It doesn’t make sense to put them at the end of narrow hallways where they'll be closed off. Instead, position them at the junction of the hallway leading into an open space, this way airflow will be distributed throughout both spaces. Once you know which spaces are the problem areas, you can then start to work out which type of unit is right for you and how many you need.

Which air-conditioning unit is right for you?

Now, this is the tricky part; we get many clients asking for advice on which AC unit to go for as there are all sorts of models. It merely comes down to how many you need, how powerful you want them to be and of course how much you want to spend. It also depends on whether you need planning permission or building management consent (depending on where you reside) to affix them to your wall as many people forget they need access to the outside to pull in and filter the air from outside. Technical part can be quite overwhelming for example, do you require a split unit or a single unit? A great way of understanding the different specs is to read this article from Which? magazine which details the different kinds of models and also 'Best Buy' deals currently on offer.

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Take on an expert.

If you're serious about getting some units installed and want them to be efficient and not a drain on your bank account, then I highly recommend to take on someone who has some comprehensive knowledge of air-conditioning units. We’ve worked with some incredible specialists over the years who are up-to-date on the latest technologies but also a delight to work with on a project, and there's nothing worse than taking on someone who doesn’t have the skillset you need to get right! Don't convince yourself to save a few quid you can do it yourself, as making these shortcuts could result in some costly mistakes in the long run.

Expect a price tag.

These bad boys don’t come cheap! So expect to spend a considerable amount of money with your units and to get them fitted by professionals. There's a lot of technical considerations that go into installing them and depending on the type you go for and location there could be added complications so always consider saving a proportion of your budget to cover these costs.

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And remember...

It may seem like a daunting task to find the right air-conditioning unit and to get them fitted, but if your home is anything like our previous clients, you will immediately feel the benefit of having them in your living space. Our Bankside apartment was like a greenhouse during the Summer months, and he is over the moon that he can finally enjoy the amount of light and to relax in comfort without breaking out into a sweat every time he walked through the door. If you ever need any further advice, don't forget you can contact us, and we'd be happy to help! Keep it breezy folks!

Love Omar x