How To Hang Your Very Own Gallery Wall

Feel like your wall in your living room is looking a little bit bland? Space Shack has always been a fan of a beautiful gallery wall, sometimes all it takes is a few photos to transform your space. If you’re an art or travel fanatic, why not frame a few pieces you own and display them in your family home, you’d be surprised to see how much being surrounded by memories and inspirational images affect your mood. Here are a few tips on how to create an arrangement fit for the National Gallery:

Go Big!

If you have a lot of space, then why not go big. Fill the entire wall end-to-end with your collections, photographs and portraits. Consider using the same frame style or mix it up entirely if you prefer to have a more eclectic feel to your gallery.

Make It Minimal

Sometimes less is more, and this bedroom uses select pieces on a theme or colour palette to create this understated effect. This neat arrangement of three frames spans the width of the headboard to draw the eye towards the top of the bed.

Match Your Colour Scheme


A brilliant way to bring out the colour themes within your room is to match it with the artwork, by doing this your furniture and furnishing almost become part of the art too.

Ascending Arrangement

Many of the walls going up many staircases I see in client houses are usually empty and forgotten about, which is such a waste when there’s an opportunity to bring use it to hang a few photos! We particularly love how the trail of photos takes shape around these stairs. Being thoughtful of your arrangement, the available and height of your staircase can turn a dull hallway into something quite stunning if done correctly.

Go Monochrome



Depending on your room's colour scheme, a black and white gallery wall may be just the thing you need to bring your room together. Though if you have a colourful place, black and white frames may still be ideal for your space as it can tone it down. Just be careful you don't fall into a shop front look, you can avoid this by choosing different frame designs but keeping the same black colour.

Try A Triptych Or Split Arrangement



Using multiple frames or a triptych to house one image split into several sections is a nifty way of displaying what could be quite an ordinary piece of artwork or perhaps some motivational words that particularly inspire you! It also makes a fabulous talking point for any home.

Design A Custom-Made Arrangement

Image:  Space Shack

What better way to design a gallery wall than to work around 3-D mirror! We were lucky enough to have Elina from Arts Snug source a talented local artist to create a customised piece and then had commissioned artwork to surround it.

Create A Speciality Wall

Image:  Space Shack

If you’re a collector of books like one of our previous clients, why not feature your passion by having a feature wall to showcase your literary collection. Having custom-made shelves for larger coffee table style books with spot-lighting elevates an ordinary bookcase to something dramatic and professional looking.

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Love Omar x