Our Christmas Countdown To Your Very Own Designer Christmas

Christmas is the season we all look forward to when it comes to decorating your home unless you're Ebenezer Scrooge or an overworked sales assistant in a department store. The freezing weather has already started, and we might even get a White Christmas if we're lucky! For me, it's less about the day itself, but the period leading up to Christmas I enjoy the most. Thinking about what new touches I can bring to the home while I walk around the Christmas markets with a hot chocolate in my hands, and of course, rushing around getting last minute presents for that relative you completely forgot about as you were buying things for yourself! Here are a few pointers I like to consider when counting down the days until December the 25th!

Get Gorgeous Gift Wrap

Image:  Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Presents are ten times more special when they're bound in wrapping paper with ribbons and bows. I realise it can be intimidating for some, but part of the joy for me is choosing a colour scheme and theme for the wrapping. One idea is to keep the wrapping paper plain, investing in fantastic ribbons, yarns and string instead to make them stand out. I avoid using Christmas themed paper as you can then use them to wrap other presents throughout the rest of the year.

DIY Decorations

Image:    Nyde

Image: Nyde

I like to spend time creating one Christmas decoration from scratch, this helps me get into the festive spirit and allows me to think about what look I want to go for which will tie the look of the house together. A door wreath is a great way to start this, using local greenery, adding small personal items which represent the family history, even adding Christmas smells like cinnamon or pine to remind you of the holidays. Hobbycraft sell all the materials and tools you need, and it's something you can do with the children or if you're  like me, as a part of your downtime. 

Baked Goods

If you're a bit of a cook, a great way of setting the scene for any guests who pop round is to make small nibbles and treats which you can lay out on the coffee table. I particularly adore Swedish Pepparkakor biscuits with the gingery, peppery snap or making Nigella Lawson's Edible Christmas Decorations. The smell of these in your home will create a happy household and bring the family together.

The Knit Before Christmas

When I think of Christmas, the first thing that pops into my head are the thick knitted hats and scarves we wear when we're out in the bitter cold. Changing your soft furnishings like your cushions and throws to reflect this on your sofa and bed is a great way to bring the 'cosy' inside. If you want to be on trend, knitted pillowcases and oversized chunky knits are must-haves for any modern home.

Have Yourself A Furry Merry Christmas

Image:  Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

It may seem a bit Game of Thrones, but a bit of fur is all you need to add Christmas warmth to your living space. Faux fur is by far the best ethical choice and frankly much cheaper too. Invest in a good quality throw or rug but ensure you take care of them and clean them properly and they will be a welcome addition to your home every Christmas.

Love Omar x

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