Four Fabulous Table Settings

Who said sitting at a dinner table had to be boring and just about the food? You can make an impression not just with your culinary skills but how you present it. Whether a formal occasion like a wedding or an intimate weekend dinner party with friends, you can play around with various styles and looks. We had the opportunity to style several looks for Decorum and a few other shoots over the last few months, so we've taken the time to pull our favourites together, so you can get some ideas going for your own home. Have fun with your dinner table and don't forget to show off your personality however you decide to dress-to-impress!

Evening Dinner Party

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 12.09.18.png

This charming table setting is ideal for any monochrome lover! The various textures and patterns of the plates look great with this set of bowls made of clay from South Africa and adds a dramatic touch to your table - perfect for a late evening supper with friends. Each piece has been carefully handmade and the craftsmanship that goes into every item makes the whole set feel unique and incredibly intimate.

Romantic Dinner For Two

An arrangement and design like this really makes an impression and has a seductive and air of sophistication about it. This glamorous gold dinner service is guaranteed to get your partner talking and the design has an exotic Ancient Egyptian feel to it with the rounded corners offsetting the matt gold and black. Caeser and Cleopatra eat your heart out!

A Family Celebration

Perhaps you want to make a statement and bring a smile to everyone's face? A wedding or family gathering cries out for a sense of occasion but not too much decadence as to compliment the informality of being with family and friends. This setting has a real sense of joy to it with its gold trimmings and Greek inspired patterns and forms.

A Minimalist Meal

Whether dining alone or with someone else, sometimes we want to dress our dining area with the minimum of fuss but still retain an air of ceremony around our meal time. This is retro Japanese inspired dinner arrangement has a sense of calm and order to it and is without fuss or unnecessary clutter. The unfussy clean lines from the cutlery and miniature marble and wood chopping boards to the handleless cups suggest the sense of Asian simplicity perfect for mid-week dining.

If you'd like to achieve any of the looks we created you can find the products from Decorum, West Elm, Zara Home, John Lewis, IKEA and Abigail Ahern.

Love Omar x