How To Put A Duvet Cover On In Seconds

I felt this was too important to not share with you. We all hate making our beds, well I hate the first part, the part where I get to dress it with cushions and throws I obviously love! The lovely folk over at Crane and Canopy have this excellent video showing you how to do put a duvet cover on in seconds. I kid you not! Apparently, this is how hotel staff make beds and now this secret tip is available for you - hurrah no more wrestling inside a duvet cover! Well, when making a bed I mean. 

Check out the video and follow our step-by-step guide below and you will never be traumatised when it comes to making your bed again, perhaps this technique might get your other half excited about domestic chores. Okay, maybe not, but we can live in hope can't we?!

1. Begin with turning your clean duvet cover inside out and lay it flat on your bed, ensuring the open end on the duvet is at the bottom.

2. Take your duvet and lay it on top of your cover, making sure all your corners and edges are aligned neatly. 

3. Start rolling the duvet from the top end of your bed (the closed end of your cover) until it looks like a giant sausage-like burrito or 'California Roll'. Don't forget to adjust the edges as you roll!

4. Once it's completely rolled up, take one end and reach inside the opening of your cover and grab the duvet through, turning it inside out, so you begin to show the outside of the cover.

5. Now do this on the other end of your duvet and start unrolling your duvet.

6. Once unrolled fully, give it a few shakes and smooth out your duvet. And there you have it!


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Love Omar x