Design Trends This Spring And Summer: Our Predictions

The good weather is finally approaching which means the sunshine and afternoons outdoor are getting closer and closer. It's also the time of the year when you might be starting to rethink your home, and you're probably wondering what to do to with your particular space which has been on your 'to-do list' for months. This is your opportunity to use your creativity and make it your new 'Happy Place'. Lucky for you, Space Shack has a few ideas which will definitely inspire you when it comes to new trends we think will be making an impact this year.

New Heritage

This season, we suggest bringing the taste of English countryside heritage into your home. New Heritage is this look everyone is talking about and incorporates beautiful contemporary furniture designed with silhouettes celebrating English craftsmanship and also embraces handmade craftsmanship which brings nostalgia to this new modern look. In particular, Solid Oak, Raw Ash and Beech woods are the materials to use to achieve this look.

Luxe Revival

Image: Amy Somerville

Image: Amy Somerville

Image:  Tom Dixon

Image: Tom Dixon

For the upcoming season, be confident and bring back a bit of 1970's hedonism into your habitat. Introduce bold colours, rich palettes of materials and statement lighting into your home to achieve the Luxe Revival look. Velvet is a great luscious fabric to use for this trend but opt for jewel-like colours like ruby, sapphire and emeralds, throw in some other some precious metallics such as marble, gold, copper and bronze and you have the look!

British Scandi

Image: Hygge

Image: Hygge

Image: Portfolio Publications

Image: Portfolio Publications

The Scandi look is still going strong and this season we see it once more but with a British twist to it. Some of us secretly love of chintzy patterns and florals, so why not evolve it into a more contemporary look with British Scandi? Muted colours and rescaled patterns also add a more restrained edge to the more traditional Scandinavian way too.

Opulent Jungle

Not sure where to go on holiday this year yet? Well, why not bring Opulent Jungle to your home instead. It won't be difficult to feel as though you're in a tropical paradise once you have banana leaf prints on your walls and amongst your textiles. Combine these 'nature' motifs with warm colours, deep teal hues and finally, copper and walnut to complete this exciting new trend we think is full of personality!

Block Party

Image: Blog Lovin

Image: Blog Lovin

One simple rule for Block Party is colour, colour and colour - as long as it is bold and striking. Just because you live in a small space it doesn't mean you have to go with the tried and tested all-white aesthetic. Combine graphic textures, stripes and colour blocking have a different scheme running through each room. Most of all, have fun with it.

Pops of Blue

Image:  Zrobym  

Image: Zrobym 

Image:  Roo Home

Image: Roo Home

Early this year we spoke about the new colour of the year Denim Drift by Dulux, now the time has come to put this into use. Spruce up your house with pops of blue and it will transform your home and bring a uniform feel of tranquility to it. A happy, calm home is yours.

Oversized Lighting

Ove the last year we've seen oversized light fittings being used more and more in homes, getting bigger and bigger - even those homes with smaller spaces. They certainly make a statement for any dining room or living room and can be as extravagant or as simple as you like. Just remember, it doesn't have to cost the earth to be bold with your lighting and you can pick from a variety of materials from striking copper to elegant paper.

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Love Omar x