10 Sofas That Will Improve Your Living Room Instantly

Your living room is the heart of the home, and if you don't feel comfortable there, you probably won't feel comfortable anywhere and end up retreating to your bed! The key piece of furniture for this room is, of course, the humble sofa or 'couch' as our American friends call it. Finding the right one is solely down to personal taste, comfort and practical requirements for the home. Is it a family sofa and are you limited on space? Do you need to recline or is it for more formal occasions? Remember to consider how your choice of fabric will also affect the design and feel of your living room, Stone Grey and the Denim Drift or turquoise blues are on-trend colours with natural wool and plush velvet becoming firm favourites for many retailers. Check out our list of the top designer sofas currently available in stores this year. 

1. The Hepburn

Image:   Heal's

Image: Heal's

Designed by Paola Navone, the Hepburn sofa oozes the dignified sophistication personified by the famous actress Katharine Hepburn herself (not sure if it's named after her, though) Hardwood frame is upholstered with St Moritz wool complete with mid-century inspired button cushion detail.

Available to buy at Heal's

2. The Charnwood

Image:  Darlings of Chelsea

Image: Darlings of Chelsea

If you want a combination of modern and classic and want to keep it quite tradition why not opt for this design but choose a colour and fabric that makes a real statement like this incredible turquoise number. 

Available to buy at Darlings of Chelsea

3. The Peggy

Image:  West Elm

Image: West Elm

Mid Century Modern is so popular right now so we couldn't complete this list without including the Peggy from West Elm. Retro with classic lines, this design looks elegant especially this feather grey edition.

Available to buy at West Elm

4. The Tama Living

If Porsche decided to make sofas then the Tama would be it. Thankfully, Walter Knoll makes this classic piece of furniture instead and if you own a spacious home and can afford it, you should be investing in this luxurious design. The wide cushions and with exquisite upholstery is second to none. Why wouldn't you want this in your home?!

Available to buy at Walter Knoll

5. Designers Guild Sofa

Image: Houseology

Image: Houseology

This design is inspired by the 1950s and is beautifully compact design ideal for the smaller home. The white buttons make it adorable, but the contours and high back allow the sofa to retain an element of class and femininity.

Available to buy at Houseology

6. The Juni

Image:  Barker and Stonehouse

Image: Barker and Stonehouse

This design ticks so many boxes for me, it's classic, it's incredibly comfortable. Made from sustainable materials and comes in a range of fabrics and colours and is a timeless design and goes with any modern apartment interior. I've fallen in love with it. Hopefully, you will too!

Available to buy at Barker and Stonehouse

7. The Andrew Martin Athos Chesterfield

Image: Houseology

Image: Houseology

Owning a Chesterfield is a long-term goal for many interior design lovers, the classic design has lasted for many years and deserves its rich history and admiration. The design's popularity has meant it can become a bit of 'Old Grandpa' choice or seen as 'Pub Furniture' so why not invest in an alternative colour like this modernised design in spectacular white! 

Available to buy at Houseology

8. The Leolux Mayon

Image: Leolux

Image: Leolux

Designed by Christian Werner in 2013, the organic wavy lines and precise lines continue to make this sofa the perfect choice for a minimal home lovers out there. The compact arms also mean it's a great alternative for those looking for seating for a smaller room or studio apartment. 

Available to buy at Leolux

9. The Edward

Don't be fooled by this number as the Edward Leather Sofa is deep and so very comfortable indeed! It cries out for large scatter cushions, and the upholstery just gets better with age. Perfect for those who want that traditional leather sofa for the home to curl up watching Netflix in front of an open fire with a snoring dog by your side.

Available to buy at Darlings of Chelsea

10. The Hendricks

Image:   Habitat

Image: Habitat

The design from Habitat comes in a range of colours, but I have to admit the Italian woven mix in stone grey is our favourite. With its low, wide arms it's perfect for book lovers or those who love a cuppa tea by their side or perhaps gin as the name suggests. 

Available to buy at Habitat

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