The Most Awesome Children's Bedrooms You And Your Kids Will Go Nuts For!

We wanted to dedicate a post to the little ones in our life - our children. Or in my case my nephew who will probably love this post. It doesn't have to be cartoon themed duvet covers and a bed the shape of a car. Decor for a children's bedroom can be fun and exciting not just for the children but for the adults too! Space Shack can't wait to get their hands on a kid's bedroom brief, it's just so much fun!

1. The Minimalist Child

Image: Desire to Inspire

Image: Desire to Inspire

For the child who is already in tune with their minimal side and prefers Miffy over Quentin Blake, Scandinavian interior design isn't just for adults, we love the wood and the fine aquamarine and green pastel colour recurrent in the soft seating and artworks.

2. The Adventurors



Okay, I know we dissed the bed shaped as a car but this one is pretty awesome and what's better than sleeping on a camping site but in your own home? This marvellous design is also a bunk bed so your kids can share their camping experiences with friends when they have sleepovers. 

3. Double Trouble

Image:  Mamidecora

Image: Mamidecora

Here is cool bedroom idea for those who have to share a room. The design has that European feel to it and the pallet of fresh pastel colours compliment each other's space but allows them to clearly identify what area belongs to whom at the same time. 

4. Kids Colours

Image:  Hide Sleep

Image: Hide Sleep

In this age, gender defining colours aren't really necessary but it is easy to get carried away with allowing your child's room to be dominated by one colour. Consider embracing their favourite colour in a different way - through a rug or wall hanging, a corner chair or cushion. Tone the wall colours down and keep them neutral and your child will love their space a lot longer and it will allow you to adapt it as their tastes mature and change.

5. What A Mess!

Image:  Boligpluss

Image: Boligpluss

Keeping your children's room always tidy is a thankless task and certainly not one of the easiest challenges of your day. Why not consider incorporating your child's tendency for chaos by selecting natural materials with neutral colours to counteract the visual noise and also purposely buy heavy duty main furniture which can't be moved easily. Day-to-day furniture like chairs and play desks should be cheap and disposable to cope with artistic graffiti and the odd tantrum! Old crates and vintage boxes to hold toys also look incredibly good.

6. Softly To Sleep

Textures are often overlooked in a children's bedroom as we immediately associate them with bold, bright colours and playful interiors. Don't forget this is their den and private place too and it needs to be cosy so invest in thick eiderdown or throw for the Winter months, perhaps a lambskin rug for their feet by their bed and a large stain resistant but textural rug to play on, as most kids spend a lot of time on the floor.

7. Junior Vintage

As they get older why not invest in some key vintage pieces like a reading chair, writing desk or dresser. Allow your child to come shopping with you so they feel a part of the process of designing their room. They will soon learn to love their furniture once they know the history and effort you go to creating their space.

8. A Second Bed

Image: Beautiful Foundations

Image: Beautiful Foundations

Who hasn't ever dreamed of sleeping in an Indian Tipi when they were a child? We all made dens and forts out of chairs and blankets and they were so much fun and incredibly cosy - happy memories for anyone. If you have a child who doesn't sleep well alone at night and keeps climbing into your bed, why not build a more permanent secondary bed like; a Tipi, Wendy House or Castle which they can creep into to feel secure and safe.

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Love Omar x