Our Favourite Timeless Lighting Designs

We all love a good light fixture but which ones will remain a timeless classic for years to come? Here are some our favourites which we think will stand the test of time.

1. Arco Floor Lamp by Flos

I bet all of you will know this one? Designed by Castiglioni, Arco floor lamp was inspired by urban streetlights. We love its chrome structure and the chunky marble weight.

2. Bell Floor Lamp by Tom Dixon

A stunning high-shine chrome bell by ever talented British designer, Tom Dixon. It's minimal, it's sleek and we just love it.

3. 265 Wall Light by Flos

This evergreen wall light was designed in 1973. Its elegant lines and practical design have kept it popular until nowadays.

4. IC Wall Light by Flos

We love the simplicity of its form and design: a basic sphere hold by a metallic rod.  

5. Copper Pendant by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is one of our favourite designers and we definitely believe that this striking large bronze Copper Pendant will be a timeless piece.

6. Aim Pendant Light by Flos

We love the simplistic and organic forms of this light and although it was first designed in 2007 we believe it will continue to be timeless piece in the future.

7. Crescent by Lee Broom

This is lighting fixture is just like a jewel. The simple spheric form combined with a brushed brass fascia is perfection and we adore it!

8. Anglepoise by Anglepoise

This desk lamp is the most popular and famous of all the lights, even Pixar made it their logo. Designed more than 80 years ago it is still going strong and although reinvented through the years, the simplistic and practical concept still works incredibly well.

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Love Omar x