Eight Different Styles To Totally Rethink Your Bedroom

At the end of a long, hard day there is nothing better than lying down on fresh bedding and crisp sheets, but how many of us have thought about the interior style of their bedroom beyond bed linen and curtains? Why not use the long weekend to look at how you could improve your bedroom by introducing a definitive style to the interior, furniture and accessories, so here are some of our favourite looks you could go for in your own home.

All White

White is all right in our opinion. We just love how calm and clean a bedroom becomes using white as your main theme. It allows an abundance of natural light to highlight crisp white linens and any beautiful monochrome accents. I particularly love how the cladding on the wall behind offers the perfect framed display units for artworks and scented candles. Make sure purchase a high quality softer white paint colour like Farrow & Ball's All White which doesn't contain any other pigments, as standard, cheaper 'brilliant white' tends to have cold undertones.

Luxury Blue

Image:  Kia Design

Image: Kia Design

This luxurious bedroom has a balanced combination of blues through various patterns and textures without being too overwhelming. The aquamarine tones and matt metallics allow the scheme to be both rich but restful at the same time. This particular style requires a bit of creative flair and is a bit daring and very much reminiscent of styles you might see in a boutique hotel.

The Glamorous Life

This bedroom is 'glam' not in the typical Old Hollywood style but in a contemporary less frivolous way. Sophisticated but not too glitzy, and even though the room is flowery and the furniture's hard lines, opulent dark walls and pared-back adds a masculine edge to it, making it an excellent bedroom for both men and women.

Retro Cane

So you may think cane is very 1970s but this retro look experiencing a bit of a comeback recently. In particular, this cane headboard is a bold statement for any bedroom and has been complimented by further bold wall colour and large print fabrics. The trick is to compliment this with clean lines and modern textures when it comes to choosing your accompanying furniture, bed linen, throws and cushions as too much throwback and you could be reliving Abigail's Party.

Geometric Monochrome

Image:  Elle Decor

Image: Elle Decor

If you want to add a little drama to your room, why not explore using monochromes and geometric shapes. It's quite masculine and can get quite jarring on the eye if you're not too careful with how you incorporate into your bedroom. Try using this look as part of a feature wall or main floor rug and the odd select piece of furniture, to begin with, to really embrace this bold statement. After which, using luxurious sheepskins, soft woollen knits as part of your accessories is key to balancing the overall look.


Sometimes plain is boring but in the bedroom where solace and calm are necessary, it can be a mental lifesaver. Anyone who has a busy lifestyle who craves meditative relief and sleep should go for this look. Textures are the most important thing to get right to avoid the potential dull overall look, think Japanese minimalism and using the same colour palette but across cotton and satin or suede and bleached leathers. Using these elements will give your space an extreme sense of calm and stillness - a celebration to softness.


Image:  Ideal Home

Image: Ideal Home

Pantone's Colour of 2017 Greenery might not be everyone's cup of tea but introducing a botanical element into your room might be a softer alternative. In this bedroom, the artwork is the central focus with the rest of the decor including the colours and neutral tones complementing the overall look. We particularly love the green headboard as it ties in flower press picture frames so elegantly adding a much-needed hit of nature-inspired colour.

Go Grey

Image:  Ideal Home

Image: Ideal Home

Going grey needn't be a bad thing! It's quite a trendy colour to paint your room, but you need to do it right; otherwise, it can make your space dreary and cold. Opting for warmer greys and using colour in your furniture and accessories to accent it is the secret. This global traveller style look could be quite garish for example, but the grey walls create a soft canvas for all the contrasting elements and colours, ultimately giving this room a laid-back feel to it. Using baby blue, mustard yellow and heavily textured bedspread and cushions suddenly become quite the contemporary look when it all comes together.

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Love Omar x