Five Interior Design Looks For Your Living Room

Last week we gave you some simple tips to refresh that living room space of yours, so we thought you might want some ideas for totally theming your main living space. Opting for a particular look is a great way of making a bold statement and sharing your personality so get inspired with our ideas below.

Gallery Wall

Image: House and Home

Image: House and Home

If you own a vast collection of photos, paintings or artwork, then you simply must display your love of art and your living room is a great space to not only share your love but provide a canvas to stimulate and inspire your family and visitors to your home. To successfully create a gallery wall make sure you have a variety of pieces big and small, colourful and monochromatic, illustrations and photographs and resist the urge to mount them too neatly and fill every available bit of wall space.

Book Stacks

Image:  Real Simple

If you're anything like me and love to read and have far too many books but don't own a large enough home to have a dedicated library, why not repurpose your larger, older books by stacking them and turning them into functional furniture. You can use them as a side table or a plant stand or line them across the top of door frames and wardrobes. I personally love the academic well read vibe it creates. Just make sure they're not stacked too high are balanced against a wall or piece of furniture.

Themed Objects

Image:  Houzz

Image: Houzz

If you are a collector of figurines, stones, frogs, or vintage car plates then you might want to show off your collection in your living room space. If you do this, my recommendation is not to go overboard and be sparing. You can achieve the same effect by selecting your most treasured items and arranging them in key places than scattering items in every available shelf or wall. Try grouping your favourite objects by theme like colour, subject matter or shape to turn your passion into a thoughtful arrangement.

Floor Patterns

You can always add something interesting to your living space by introducing a large pattern rug. This will immediately frame your space and start pulling your furniture together by adding more visual and tactile element to your space. Be brave and ensure the pattern is striking as less subtle designs will struggle and fail to elevate the space.


Mirrors aren't just for your bathroom and hallway. As you know, use large-scale contemporary mirrors can make a huge statement and introduce light and the appearance of much-needed space to a smaller living room. If you can't find a large mirror you can always hang a collection of various small mirrors with various frame designs to achieve the same desired effect.

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Love Omar x