Marvin's Victorian Home Makeover: Construction

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Over the next few weeks, we will be showing you our latest project, an entire Victorian home in Ilford. We were particularly excited to show you this one as it includes a children's bedroom, as well as redesigning a new kitchen, living room, hallway and downstairs bathroom.

Who's the client?

Marvin wanted us to reinvigorate his family home, as years of both of both him and his wife focusing on work and bringing up three children, his Victorian home had seen better days and was in dire need of a transformation. The house was purchased 6 years ago and being tasked to overhaul not just one room but several, Marvin decided it was time to get some professional expertise in.

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What was the initial space like?

The house had fantastic tall ceilings and the huge rooms throughout had ample amounts of space but it desperately needed a brighter, fresher more modern look. We went for a monochrome Scandinavian design throughout focusing on the kitchen, living room, hallway and children's bedroom, using simple base colours so they can incorporate their own colour schemes as the children get older and their taste changes. 

What do we plan to do?

The list for this project was extensive and involved several key rooms:

  • To provide a new open plan kitchen/diner area to seat up to four people
  • Transform the unused space under the stairs into an additional cloakroom toilet
  • Update the existing run down living area in accordance with their love for 'Tan Brown'
  • Create a fun yet modern kids room
  • Refresh the hallway area and make more practical
  • Provide new furnishings throughout all spaces
    Help source artwork for all spaces which are cohesive of the interior
  • Design a new kitchen area
  • New flooring throughout the apartment
  • Update the existing bathroom
  • Provide furniture and soft furnishing solutions throughout apartment
  • To source artwork in accordance with his design scheme
  • Replace all existing hardware with new (handles and sockets)
The apartment before Space Shack stepped in to transform the space.
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The Kitchen

This area is completely run down and very dark so in a dire need of a makeover and the number one priority for Marvin. We want to open out this small kitchen area, let more light in and remove the antiquated downstairs toilet/shower room and neighbouring living room space. 

Living Room & Hallway

Marvin's wife is completely in love with the colour Tan Brown, so the challenge here is to incorporate it somehow into the final look. This will be an independent, smaller space as it will no longer be connected to the kitchen, so it's key we maximise the space and keep it cosy but not cramped!

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Children's Bedroom

Marvin told us that he wanted the design of the kid's room to still be cohesive with the rest of the house, therefore we are avoiding the cliched approaches to theming a room for a younger person in the house. This might sound a bit dull but this way as Marvin's child grows up we will be able to change elements of the room without doing a major makeover again, saving a lot of money in the future.

Downstairs Bathroom

As we removing the downstairs toilet/shower room to make way for a larger kitchen, we've decided to retain the toilet but create a small cloakroom underneath the stairs instead.

Don't forget to check back next week to see the final finished spectacular makeover! Keep up to date with regular projects like this one from Space Shack and follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook.

Love Omar x