10 Reasons Why White Bathroom Interiors Are So Popular Right Now

The power of the white tiles should never be underestimated particularly with designing bathrooms. 'White Tile Bathrooms' will always be in fashion and a give you a timeless look and you've probably noticed we've been posting a few of them on our Instagram lately as we're a little obsessed. Getting this look right is so important though, as you could end up with a dull, uninspired room which resembles a cold school gym changing room if you're not too careful.  So we've put together a list of factors you need to consider if you're after this cool, new look for your home!

Size and Grouting

The size of your tiles is everything as it can make a small bathroom bigger or a large one smaller. Think about using grey or black grouting too as they will make your choice of tiles really pop and avoid the landlord from the 80s approach of using white grout which will make all your tiling pointless as they disappear into the walls.

Floor and Ceilings

Image:  Dwell

Image: Dwell

Think of complimenting your wall tiles with an accenting floor tile or ceiling colour. This bathroom's black hexagonal floor tiles and ceiling bring the room together making it much more intimate as well as contemporary in feel.


Image:  House of C

Image: House of C

Black and white go particularly well together so consider how you'll introduce black into your room whether it be the colour of your bathtub, floor tile or framed accessories like the mirror, picture frames, towels, cabinets or plant pots. We love the introduction of a glass chandelier in this design as it elevates the room into something rather indulgent and opulent. 

Light Grey Works Too

Image: 1 Decor Ideas

Image: 1 Decor Ideas

You might be afraid of going completely white, and we're not talking hair colour here. Using light grey or washed out tiles with white grouting like this design, is a great way of still embracing this new look. It will also give your bathroom an almost pearlescent sheen to the walls.

Natural Wood

Image:  Heimatbaum

Image: Heimatbaum

Why not choose accessories with natural wood. Wicker baskets, wooden doors on medicine cabinets, wood lined pots and mirror frames in oak, pine or walnut immediately give your bathroom a Japanese or Scandinavian feel depending on the look you're trying to achieve.


Introducing hardy plants such as Peace Lilys, Cacti or Succulents to your bathroom is a great way of breaking up the cold, hard edge appearance of a monochromatic bathroom. Check how much light comes into your bathroom and if your choice of plant thrives in a humid atmosphere.


Think of the materials your tiles are made from, whether it's porcelain, marble or stone, they all bring a certain feel to a room and want the materials to feel inviting as it surrounds you and covers the floor under your bare feet. This Victorian Melbourne bathroom has an almost Morrocan feel to it and the irregular pattern of marble breaks up the stark quality of white walls.


Image:  Archilovers

Your bathroom lights whether artificial or natural will play a huge part in how your room looks during the day and as you take a long intimate soak in the bath at night, so consider alcove lighting or behind mirrors and underneath shelves to make a statement. Check out our guide to being a Lighting Genius for more tips and advice.

Wet Rooms

Image:  Coggles

Image: Coggles

Use white tiles to create your own wet room and you can make a small bathroom feel much bigger. We love the way this design has used the tiles vertically to also play with the perspective of the room, along with the brass fittings this small space has suddenly become something rather upmarket than small and pokey.


Image:  Design Soda

Getting your fittings is so important! Just imagine this bathroom with a modern, grey metal shower head. Ugly and dated, right? Brass and vintage metals fittings are incredibly popular right now and allow a white bathroom to be either incredibly contemporary or a little old fashioned, depending on the look you want. 

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Love Omar x