Why We're Crazy About Buster + Punch

Our recent project for our client James in South Quay required us to look at hardware, electrical sockets and switches and there was only one brand we had in mind for this, Buster + Punch. We've been in love with this brand for a long time so it was a great opportunity to invest in some of their fantastic products.

For those of you who have never heard of Buster + Punch, the fashion label was started by London-based architect and industrial designer Massimo Buster Minale back in 2013. They specialise in working with rare, solid materials to create everyday items from their precision-cut lighting and beautifully crafted hardware like their door handles and candles to their own line of motorcycles! 

What we particularly love is how they just love metalwork and get their inspiration from London's fashion and music scene, everyone from street artists to bike builders to give them that robust edge that runs throughout their products.

As you all know we LOVE lighting design and in particular are obsessed with the B+P designer LED light bulbs. The faux filament LED design means they're also energy-saving so worth spending that little bit more in our opinion - they look incredible and sleek!

Buster + Punch have collaborated with Harrods, the shoemaker Justin Deakin and have developed a line of fragrances with Haekels, so a lifestyle brand you can get completely obsessed with if you're not too careful.

So next time you want to really impress your friends with new lighting solutions around the house or want to revamp your kitchen units with heavy duty door handles, Buster + Punch won't disappoint you and they've got you covered! We'll be showing you how we incorporated some their products in Jame's South Quay apartment in our behind-the-scenes makeover very soon, so watch this space! Don't forget, you can follow them on Buster + Punch and Massimo the Creative Director behind this fabulous company on Instagram.

Love Omar x

Images via Buster + Punch