Seven Steps To Spring Cleaning Heaven!

So Spring is here according to the change in weather, and for some, it means a chance to dust off the cobwebs and start afresh with your home. Here are our top tips for Spring Cleaning this month. That's what Easter weekend is for, right?

Tackle By Category Not Room

If you've not read Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising, then do it now! A life changing book about how to go about minimalising your home and finding a sense of order and calm with your belongings. One of the best tips is to approach cleaning by category not room e.g. beginning with clothes, then books and so on. You'll find this is a much ordered and less intimidating way of tackling your mess, sorry, we mean home!

Image: One Kings Lane

Image: One Kings Lane

Clean Your Mattress

The forgotten item when it comes to Spring Cleaning. Your mattress isn't just for turning every now and then, it needs a proper clean too. A good vacuum, spot removing, then sprinkling baking soda to deodorise your mattress is surprisingly simple and quick solution.

Wash Your Windows

Save yourself some money, window cleaner is essentially a fancier version of one part vinegar, two parts water with a bit of lemon juice thrown in. Remember to use old newspaper or coffee filters instead of a cloth to avoid getting streaks!

Don't Forget Your Microwave

Your microwave can get overlooked and it seems to be an annoying item to clean when it fact it's surprisingly simple. Just put a bowl of water with the juice of half a lemon for 3 minutes and 'Hey Presto' all the grease and crusty marks should come away with a damp cloth!

The Joy of Folding Clothes

Another incredible tip from Marie Kondo which I've adopted, as not only does it make your cupboards and wardrobe neat, it also helps to keep your freshly ironed clothes fairly pressed once they've been packed away. This simple technique of folding and rolling (see image below) opens up so much more space in your dresser too! 

Eliminate Animal Hair

We're not talking about your partner's beard trimmings here! Using a window washing squeegee or rubber brush broom will pick up all the annoying dog or cat hair that refuses to be vacuumed up from regular cleaning.

Even Your Washing Machine Needs A Wash

Sounds silly, right? Your washing machine not only needs the lint filter to be cleaned out but the actual drum can get stagnant and end up making your clean clothes smell stale. Run your machine with hot water, then add the cleaning agents but then let it sit for 30 mins to an hour. Afterwards, restart your machine, let the water drain and wipe the interior drum dry.

Image:  eBay

Image: eBay

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