How To Refresh Your Living Room in Four Simple Ways

Hello, hello! I've been getting a lot of requests for more design tips and ideas posts as they've been so popular amongst our followers. So I've decided to launch a new series on how to refresh various spaces in your home or office, and as it's the Bank Holiday weekend soon, what better time to start with the first in our series focusing on the living room. 

I thought this was just me, but after speaking with friends and other designers, I wasn't alone in getting super bored of the same look in my living room and wanting to spice things up without spending a fortune. The thing is, it doesn't have to be expensive to refresh a space, it's a lot easier than you might think. Simply by using such small items as cushions, throws and ornaments can drastically change the look and atmosphere of your living room space, but how to use them can be daunting.

A recent shoot, involved a living room space which desperately needed some sprucing up before we used it for a photo shoot. As the back panelled wall was a dusty teal colour and the leather Chesterfield sofa was a Belgian brown, I opted for jewel-toned accessories to compliment these base colours to bring them to life as on their own they looked rather dull. If you have no idea where to start with colour, why not play around with this nifty little Colour Wheel Calculator to give you more of an idea on what tones could work for your room.

Advice on Cushions

Cushions are the most important part of any sofa, they give you that extra comfort and support, and look even better when styled. Equally, they can be a bit of nightmare if you have too many, especially if you have kids or pets, as the end up on the floor most of the time. I chose to mix up the jewel-tones with pastels to compliment the panelled wall which frames the sofa. As you can see, the combination of dark toned velvets and pastel suedes instantly life what was just a plain blocky, brown leather sofa, giving it a much-needed personality. I personally love to invest in a statement cushion, a singular piece which can be as wild as you like, for this shoot, I went for a simple crochet knitted cushion to introduce pattern into the environment. You can find these types of statement cushions from anywhere from West Elm to Decorum, just make sure they differ in size, texture or shape compared to the regular ones you choose.

Advice on Throws

After all, who doesn't like a warm fluffy throw to wrap up with during chilly months? I'm a big fan of throws, but I see too many people literally throw them onto their sofas or worse still, tuck them into the sofa corners. These should be used for extra comfort and for adding a variety of textures to your seating area. I prefer to avoid the smaller thin blanket style throws and opting for the super lush faux fur varieties which can be inexpensive but give your sofa an immediate hit of extravagance. I chose a two-toned natural heavy faux fur from West Elm, as you can see the different shades of browns and blues worked incredibly well with our base colours and yours should do the same.

How To Decorate A Coffee Table

A good sized coffee table is key. You'll be surprised how much stuff accumulates over time so having space to stack magazines, to house ornaments or candles etc is an important consideration. One option is to go for series of varying sized tables, as I sometimes find it difficult to get the exact right size for my clients, plus people's needs vary; from having to be practical to eat dinner off, to being purely decorative for socialising when friends pop over. Not only do they look great as a pair, but you can use and position them in so many different ways. When it comes to styling, it's important to not over do it, as it can soon become clutter once day-to-day living sets in with magazines, coffee mugs and TV remote controls lying around. I opted to go for this chic Notre Monde Bronze Nest Coffee Tables available from Decorum and styled it with these simple geometric shaped terrariums which look great on their own or with cacti and succulent plants inside them. 

Side Tables

Living Room Refresh 06.jpg

Don't forget the all-important side table which sometimes gets overlooked up to the point a guest is struggling to know where to put their mug of tea down. Side tables can be very practical additions but for this space, I wanted something that could house these gorgeous marble vases so the corner of the room would become a feature. Think about shape and how your tables will compliment the main coffee table and other furniture. Do you want them to be set pieces to stand out or purely used for those times where you need extra space for drinks and books while you relax? Consider how crowded your living room may get as an elegant side table like this Alana from MADE could get knocked over if you have children running around. If that's the case, you could opt for a sturdy and storage space led design like Habitat's Blyth model instead.

As you can see, these key points will help you transform your tired old living room for under £500-250 easily. Whether you own or rent, doing a couple or all of these can truly make a difference to your home. Don't forget to share your transformations with us by tagging your photos with #myspaceshack. Don't forget you can get the latest news and tips from Space Shack by following us on Instagram or liking us on Facebook.

Love Omar x