Marvin's Victorian Home Makeover - Children's Bedroom

Client: Marvin
Location: Victorian House in Ilford
Dwelling: House
The Space: Living Room, Kitchen, Hallway & Children's Bedroom
Size: 75 square metres

Now, this is a makeover Space Shack has been dying to do for a very long time and the last in our makeover room series for Marvin's Victorian House. Marvin and his wife wanted us to design a chic but playful bedroom for their two-year-old baby boy and his 11-year-old brother. Creating a space which catered to both of their needs as an infant and growing child where they could enjoy playtime and bedtime in the room. With this in mind, we created the following brief:

The Brief:

  • Create a fun yet modern kids room for an infant and older child
  • Design a look for the room which adapts seamlessly as the child gets older
  • Source soft furnishings and toys in accordance with his design scheme
  • Provide new furnishings throughout all spaces

The Transformation

We can all agree, having children means a lot of things change around the house, they certainly get a lot messier! Marvin told us that he wanted the children's bedroom design to remain cohesive with the rest of the house, therefore he didn't want any cliched primary colours or loud, animated themes you usually find in kid's rooms. Especially as these usually go out of fashion by the time the child moves on to their next favourite thing. You'd  think it would be impossible to create a space which is beautiful, appealing yet practical and take into consideration the needs and design tastes of all the members of the family, however young or old they might be.

We decided to keep the colour palette very neutral again but to incorporate dusty pink too. Using these muted greys, pinks and creams and allowing other bolder colours with the toys, soft furnishings and artwork on the walls allows the overall look of the room to act as a back drop for the decor. Ultimately by doing this, Marvin and his family can change elements of the bedroom without having to do yet another major makeover. Designing a children's bedroom this way saves a lot of money in the process and gives any child an element of control when it comes to how their room looks.

 We found a terrific light grey cot for the baby and a black wooden framed bed for his brother, both from IKEA so simple in design and reasonably priced. It's pointless buying expensive baby furniture when you have to upsize in a couple of years as the child gets older. Bedding we sourced from Mothercare and Marks and Spencer. By adding an Armchair from HomeSense along with the rugs and reading light from TK MAXX, we created an instant corner ready for bedtime stories.

Again, the artwork on the walls was sourced by Artsnug who provided us with so many illustrations to choose from based on our brief. We ended up choosing abstract Alphabet letters gorgeous illustration of a parrot to brighten up the room. To finish off the room and add a little charm we added some decorative pieces we found at West Elm.

You can see what we did for Marvin's Kitchen and Living Room over on our blog to see the entire finished look running throughout the home. Don't forget to keep up to date with regular projects like this one from Space Shack and follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook.

Love Omar x

Photography & Video Production by Reece Chapman and Collective Vision.