Marvin's Victorian Home Makeover - The Kitchen

Client: Marvin
Location: Victorian House in Ilford
Dwelling: House
The Space: Living Room, Kitchen, Hallway & Children's Bedroom
Size: 75 square metres

Last week we showed you the construction phase of our latest project for Marvin and his family, We can finally show you one of the rooms this week, the kitchen, one of the most important areas of the house for this project and the room which underwent the biggest renovation.

The Brief:

  • To provide a new open plan kitchen/diner area to seat up to four people
  • Provide new furnishings throughout all spaces
    Help source artwork for all spaces which are cohesive of the interior
  • New flooring throughout the apartment
  • To source artwork in accordance with his design scheme

The Transformation

The Kitchen is the central hub of Marvin's home, and this area was in desperate need of a makeover as it was dark and gloomy and many of the fixtures and appliances were out of date. This was a high priority for Marvin's family and before we got our hands on it, the space was quite small and had a separate downstairs toilet/shower. We wanted to maximise this area and opened the entire space out to let more light in. 

We kept the colour scheme grey and white but installed a newly fitted stone grey kitchen to compliment the white wash walls; this allowed us to give the area a fresher brighter appearance without having to compete with a possible darker fitted unit.

We opted for a cooking station in the centre of the room which separated the dining area from the busy kitchen space. By creating a cooking station in the centre we were able to separate the kitchen and dining space while still maintaining a cohesive design.

We decided to go with monochrome accessories and artwork on the walls sourced by Artsnug who provided us with a wealth of fantastic art and illustrations to choose from based on our brief.

We purchased a whole new dinnerware service for Marvin using a mixture of new culinary pieces from our favourite Shoreditch store Decorum and Myer Halliday, who is now a featured product designer at Heal's). Halliday's hand-painted bespoke pieces are truly a work of art, almost so beautiful you might not want to use them to eat with!

We sourced our Dining Table from Dwell and surrounded it with some sleek black Kartel chairs, reserving two grey velvet chairs for the heads of the family from Homesense.

To complete the kitchen look, we added an elegant dark brown side table also from Homesense
and a black and white console table with steel frame legs from TK Maxx.

Our favourite piece is the giant wall calendar which reminds us that this is a busy family home. We purchased this from Stendig Calendar and loved it as each giant month alternates from black to white. For us, this completed the look for the kitchen as it's a bold contemporary choice, a great design furnishing accessory for not only the kitchen but any office, study or kid's room.

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Love Omar x

Photography & Video Production by Reece Chapman and Collective Vision.