Tim's Bedroom and Hallway Makeover

Client: Tim Smith
Location: Barnet, North London
Dwelling: Apartment
The Space: The entire apartment (Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Hallway & Living Room).

The Bedroom and Hallway Brief:

  • To renovate the existing bedroom design
  • New lighting solutions for the living area, bedroom and hallway

What was the initial space like?

Many people would do anything for an apartment or home filled with light, but for Tim who is a light sleeper, this caused a bit of a problem when it came to the amount of natural light that filled his bedroom. Even though Tim had tried to remedy this by initially painting it black, poorly fitted blinds were still letting a lot of light in and the ceiling and woodwork around the door, and window frames were basic gloss white, making the appearance messy and lacking in sophistication. Normally, we wouldn't be encouraging anyone to paint an entire room black unless they were perhaps a photographer needing a dark room but this was brief, and we were happy to complete the challenge. We managed to introduce colour and a variety of tones through the soft furnishings, fixtures and bed linen, allowing Tim to keep his essential sleep sanctuary dark and enclosed from the outside world. 

The hallway was in pretty good condition already, and the walls and units needed minimal work done. Just the cleaning up of scuffs and marks on the walls and woodwork, and a fresh lick of paint. We used the budget for this part of the house to focus on finding suitable lighting which would help brighten up the hallway and make the space much more impressive.

The Transformation

We decided to go for a dark grey paint from Fired Earth for the bedroom walls and completed the rest of the missing paintwork but finishing off Tim's ceiling and woodwork. Completing this made the room super dark and moody and turned it into his own little man cave. We removed the blinds we went for a blackout roller blind which was made to measure to the actual window frame to ensure it was a bespoke fit ensuring we removed any chance of light creeping inside.

With all the imposing black from all four corners, we wanted to make sure we had soft furnishings and bed linen of various textures and tones to ensure the room had something to draw the eye to and avoid it becoming a 'photographer's dark room'.  H&M Home and West Elm offered fantastic dark bedding, faux leather and monochromatic patterned cushion designs. The mix of patterns and textures allowed us to bring some much-needed character to the bedroom. 

Omar Bedroom Hallway 02.jpg
Omar Bedroom Hallway 07.jpg

The Lighting

As you can imagine it's all well and done having a black bedroom but if you don't have incredible lighting to go with it, your efforts to make it vaguely sophisticated and stylish and not dull goes out the window.

We opted for Phillips Hue Strip Lighting from John Lewis to run along the top bedroom walls but opting for a matte black finish so they blended in with the ceiling. These are a great addition to any bedroom as they can be controlled by a small remote controller and you can also alter the light colour to change the mood of the room too.

So as well as the strip lighting running across the top edge of the walls we wanted to invest in some select lighting fixtures we would place around the room to soften the hard dark edges of the dark space.  We chose an elegant Devid Floor Lamp from Decorum and Half Moon Table Lamp from West Elm to sit by the bed. Overall, these additions made for a much more inviting space.

Omar Bedroom Hallway 10.jpg

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Love Omar x

Photography & Video Production by Reece Chapman and Collective Vision.