Eight Luxury Bathrooms To Fantasise Over

This hot weather is getting ridiculous for many of us, so our bathrooms have become a great place to cool off. Although, this might make you realise how much attention this space in your home needs. We might not all be able to afford luxury fittings and fixtures, but our personal favourites below are enough to inspire us and perhaps give us a few ideas when it comes to renovating our bathrooms.

1. Concrete

Image:  Aura Home

Image: Aura Home

Loving the sparse, muted tones of this concrete grey paradise. Minimalism for maximum peace and quiet.

2. Deco

This wet room and bathroom have an air of 1920s sophistication about them with the contrasting sets of tiles and old school stainless steel fixtures.

3. Ebony

This Sydney styled room with miniature black hexagon tiles against natural wood frosted window frames creates the perfect sanctuary.

4. Bright White

Image:  C P Hart

Image: C P Hart

The same simple rectangular white tiles you see on the Underground are used to compliment the white rafters and dark wood flooring to create an incredible wet room / bathroom.

5. Middle Eastern Flavour

This Middle Eastern patterned tile sets off the modern bathroom surrounds to create a haven with a bit of mystic.

6. Rustic

The muslin curtain door, wood fence shower door and black onyx bath tub create a rustic barnyard feel to this very modern bathroom.

7. Copper

Image: Substance Agency

Image: Substance Agency

The Asian style sink bowls coupled with the copper fittings and mirror frames adds a certain amount of romance and mysticism to this vanity area.

8. Marble

Image: The Luxury Interior

Image: The Luxury Interior

Large marble slabs surround this contemporary style bathroom adding a sense of coolness and masculinity.

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Love Omar x