Top 10 Favourite Beds To Dream Over

Weekends are what we all live for, but if you don't have a bed you want to sink into after a long week and never leave, it can make this supposedly blissfully relaxing time not very comfortable at all. We've come up with a list of our fantasy beds to have in our home. What design will send you to cloud nine?

1. The Cubist Sleeper

For those who love Lego and Rubik's Cubes and building things in general, I think we may have found your bed.

2. The Country Home Sleeper

Image:  Archiscene

Image: Archiscene

For those who want a giant pillow to rest against while they read the Sunday papers.

3. The Minimalist Sleeper

Image: Amora

Image: Amora

For those who aren't a big fan of clutter and definitely have rules about not eating in bed, this clean minimalist design is perfect for you.

4. The Futonesque Sleeper


Love the minimalist Japanese futon approach but need something not so hard and kinder to your back? This is the bed for you.

5. The Four-Poster Sleeper

If you've always fancied a four-poster bed but have a contemporary home, this bed is sleek and ticks the box!

6. The Natural Wood Sleeper


Not all wood frame beds need to come from a lifeless flat pack and look like a box when assembled, this bed in walnut is a classy alternative.

7. The Hollywood Sleeper

You're a rich Hollywood producer and movie mogul extraordinaire or at least you want to feel like one. This bed is the money.

8. The Night Reader Sleeper

If you love reading in bed and want plenty of light and storage for all your books this bed might be just the ticket.

9. The 2001 Space Odyssey Sleeper

Image: Ora Ito

Image: Ora Ito

Any fan of Star Trek, Passengers or any sci-fi movie set in space may want to start saving money for the future for this incredible design.

10. The Bachelor Pad Sleeper

Image: Schrein Design

Image: Schrein Design

I think Austin Powers wannabe would want to update from his 80s shag pad to this sleek den of sin.

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Love Omar x