Six Ways To Add Foliage To Your Home

We aspire to live in an environmentally friendly world and try to do our bit, and there's nothing like bringing the outside inside. Though we can also try and be a bit more imaginative with foliage in our homes. Below are our several outstanding ways to bringing back the green!

Go Big In Unexpected Places

Image:  Cote Maison

If you have a big enough table and dining space why not invest in a huge arrangement like this one to make a dramatic statement.

Create A Green Corner



Corners of refuge can be softened by introducing plants but not all plants have to be cosy, these cacti are the perfect accompaniment to this concrete seat.

Grow A Tree Inside

Architects - Sanuki + Nishizawa  Image:  Home Designing

Architects - Sanuki + Nishizawa Image: Home Designing

The Art of Zen and Bonsai is minimalist artform only few can perfect but the idea of planting a small tree inside your home is inspiring and spiritual.

Frame Your Foliage

Image:  Haygen Shop

For those who have allergies or perhaps not enough space, you could press your foliage to create these Victorian style frames which look as though they've come straight from the Natural History Museum.

Try Minimalist Arranging

Some of us are definitely 'plant-killers' and don't have green fingers at all. So why not have plenty of miniature bottles and vases to house natural flowers or arrangements of leaves to brighten your home every now and then.

Cover Your Walls

Image:  The Zhush

Image: The Zhush

If you don't want to take care of any plants at all but want to embrace the tropical spirit, big wallpaper prints like this design are the way to go. Bugs and animals not included.

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Love Omar x