Six Ways To Use Mirrors

We all have mirrors in our room, well, how would you otherwise know what you looked like before you stepped out of your door every morning? Anyway, most of us have the standard hallway mirror and a full-length mirror in the bedroom, though there are plenty of other ways to use mirrors in your home, whether it's to add more light, create the illusion of space or for purely decorative purposes. Here are our top six tips for adding magnificent mirrors to humble home.

1. Reshape Your Image of Mirrors

Image:  Space Shack

Forget that all mirrors should be rectangular or circular in shape. They can have any dimension you like and completely transform a room. This Pyramid mirror mounted and custom made art surrounding it make for a dramatic headboard statement.

2. Frame Your Sofa

Image: West Elm

Image: West Elm

Mounting a mirror above a sofa lifts your living area, adds additional light and establishes a focal point to the room. Try opting for a triptych of mirrors or a collection of several smaller ones like this room rather than opting for the usual large rectangular design.

3. Vintage Decor

This collection of vintage mirrors mounted against a white washed brick wall draws attention to the variety of designs and shapes of each mirror, allowing your home a bit of character and history in the process.

4. Go Large

Sometimes big is better. Scale up your mirrors to increase the impact of your interiors and give it a 'Wow' factor that will impress visitors. As well as introducing more light, large mirrors suggest wealth and decadence without breaking the bank.

5. Try Tinted

Not necessarily the first choice for many people but using tinted mirrors can turn a functional item like a mirror into an integral design feature like these hexagonal mounted miniature wall mirrors in rose gold.

6. Add To Your Gallery

Image:  Space Shack

If you want to create a dedicated wall gallery of photos and art, a great way to add more to it and break it up a bit too is to add mirrors into the mix, the added advantage is they can be any size and shape too.

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Love Omar x