Our Small Space Storage Solutions

When it comes to storage and small apartments these two things don't naturally go together though it is essential to get right for you to be able to get the most out of your home. Some storage ideas are simple and pretty obvious like under bed drawers, boxes, dressers and tables that double up as containment units but there are a few ideas which may not have crossed your mind. Here are our favourite ways to get the most out of your small space!

Remove The Doors

By removing cupboard doors and replacing them with fabric curtains, you can instantly allow furniture the flexibility to be moved against entrances which usually need space for the swing of a door.

Under The Stairs or Floor

Image:  Leva & Bo

Image: Leva & Bo

Most people still overlook the space under the stairs, not only on the ground floor but other levels too, especially for those who have attic conversions. This space as well as your floor above your basement can be turned into a downstairs bathroom but can also become valuable storage areas too. 

Use Your Headboard

Image:  Ideal Home

Image: Ideal Home

If your bedroom is pretty tiny, then a simple solution is to utilise your headboard and install a shallow unit behind your bed which can house your personal belongings which you don't need regular access to free up space elsewhere and from your bed perspective everything can be hidden from view.

Multipurpose Furniture

Gone are the days that Murphy Beds look like something you'd find in a dodgy American Motel, nowadays there are some incredible designs out there and usually perfect for those people who want a spare bed but can dedicate the space for it. They can double up as shelving or even a day office like the model above.

Dead Space In Your Hallway

Image:  Luxe Source

By moving an isolated wall several inches forward you can instantly create a dedicated wall shelf area, so take advantage of the dead space you can find in hallways and corridors, it has the bonus of also making these space a thousand times more inspiring to be in too.

Alternative Shelving

Sometimes you can't put a traditional bookshelf or flat shelf on a wall to create storage but there's nothing to stop you from investing in some alternative open storage which can be mounted on the wall, ideal for kitchens and children's rooms but ultimately you can be quite inventive with this storage approach.

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