Our Favourite Oscar-Winning Designer Homes

How the other half live! In Hollywood, some of our favourite stars have homes which are just as famous as they are. These houses are often very unique and reflect the success of the individuals who own them. So take a look at these top picks owned by Oscar winners from the past and present.

Howard Hughes's Double Sided Fireplace

Howard Hughes, the famous producer and director of many films including the Oscar-winning Two Arabian Knights was a millionaire at the age of 18. His $10.5 million home in Beverley Hills, California is decadent and full of style, we especially love the double sided fireplace and sunken living area.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Playroom

Shakespeare In Love bagged Gwyneth her first and only Oscar but she is now more famous for her health and modern lifestyle website Goop. Known for her clean eating, if you stepped into her home you would find the OCD organisational habits extend into every room. Take a look at the children's playroom for example, not sure they've even ever played in it to honest but it is stunning from a storage and design point of view!

Leonardo DiCaprio's Palm Spring Home

Image:  The Loop

Image: The Loop

We love Leo, his Academy award-winning performance in The Revenant which is waited a long time for, but we love his Palm Springs home even more. The Mid-Century Modern interiors are incredible but what makes this place even more attractive (like the owner) is that you can rent out the place from the Hollywood star. It costs a mere $4,500 a night so you better start saving your pennies before he decides to sell it!

Angela Lansbury's Kitchen

You may know her as Jessica Fletcher of Murder, She Wrote but Angela Lansbury has been nominated three times for an Oscar, finally being recognised with an Honorary Award in 2013. Her kitchen is as homely and comforting as she is in our opinion and we could spend several happy hours chatting over a cup of tea with Mrs Potts herself!

Pharrell Williams's Miami Home

Image:  Zillow

Image: Zillow

Seems the Oscar-nominated composer of song 'Happy' from the movie Despicable Me 2 is an avid collector of memorabilia from the small to the big screen. Williams recently sold his Miami home for $9.2 million. That would make me very happy too.

Emily Blunt's Pool

The multi-Oscar nominated Emily Blunt has a stunning home in the heart of Los Angeles but we fell in love and would love to dive into the deep turquoise pool she owns. Even though this is in heart of Tinsel Town, I can't help noticing a bit of English reserve and class in the decor.

Robert De Niro's New York Penthouse

Raging Bull and The Godfather Part II won Robert De Niro his two statuettes but this New Yorker is a true lover of his city and has purchased several properties including restaurants over the year. This penthouse in the heart of Greenwich Village used to be own by De Niro includes a media room to watch his many movies, a wood-panelled library and an interior courtyard.

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