Walk In Wardrobes That Would Make Even Carrie Bradshaw Envious

We know we do a lot of small space solution design but now and then we fantasise about renovating a huge New York apartment belonging to someone like Carrie and Big from Sex and the City. One of the luxuries of owning a huge apartment will always be the incredible storage, in particular, the walk-in wardrobe. This post is purely for fun or perhaps for when we earn millions or marry incredibly well!

Let There Be Light

Image:  Ze Workroom

This area could have been a wasted space, but this dead end corridor area has become a gentleman's walk-in wardrobe. A fantastic use of natural light too with this design which uses a glass screen door to keep it airy and bright.

Wannabe Superhero

You've seen those movies, where Doctor Strange, Batman's Bruce Wayne or Patrick Bateman from American Psycho get ready for work, and they have pristine white shirts and tailored suits of various graduated shades immaculately displayed in front of them, the drawers have a dozen cufflinks or wrist watches to choose from too. This bronze painted aluminium framed closet is the start of that fantasy!

Power Couple Wardrobe

The ultimate 'Power Couple' walk-in wardrobe. This symmetrical design boasts incredible storage and lighting fixtures and you can almost imagine a Hollywood couple or CEO and Lawyer getting ready for the day. Love the square seat which anchors the entire space too.

The Sex And The City Fan

Image: Small Bone

Image: Small Bone

If you really wanted to recreate the Sex and The City Movie apartment then this is the closest you'll get and design by Wiltshire furniture maker. Pure white unadulterated joy, complete with vanity island for your jewellery. Unlike Carrie, I'm sure this design has plenty of Jimmy Choo storage!

Image:  Behance

Image: Behance

Almost Kardashian in its extreme opulence. The glass cabinets and muted mocha tones create a paradise for your shopping purchases to live in, but also retire living a long and happy luxurious life too. If I was honest, this wardrobe is probably as big as my entire apartment so I could happily sleep in one of the drawer spaces.

You may not have a big enough home for these walk-in wardrobes but there's a whole lot more inspiration for those of you with smaller spaces over at Space Shack so start following us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know what you think!

Love Omar x