Interior Design Trends Here to Stay for 2018

Happy New Year from Space Shack, we hope you all had a lovely relaxing break and are ready for 2018! As it's a new year, we thought we would look at the latest trends forecast to make an impact in the world of interior design and look at those which are still popular as ever since last year. We encourage our clients to embrace new trends even though are continuously changing, as lovers of great design should never be afraid to experiment. If you're not hugely confident, we recommend you start off small by replacing or adding accessories and build up from there. The most important thing is to get a good deal and ultimately love whatever you add to your home.

Committed to Copper

Image:  Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Copper as part of furniture detailing or fittings is a particular favourite of mine. This metallic can be used in traditional as well as modern interiors, adding a touch of nostalgia and warmth to any space. Rumours brass or gold may be the next metallic of the moment have been circulating for a while, but if you want to have a look that lasts a while, you can't go wrong with copper.

Be Bold In Pattern Not Just Colour

Image:  Amara  

Image: Amara  

Ultra Violet as the new Pantone Colour of the Year, we shouldn't be afraid to be bold in 2018. However, it’s a good idea to invest in accessories which can be easily replaced, as these new trends come and go and can be quite expensive. One way to do this over the following months is to update your soft furnishing and invest in geometric, or chevron cushions or throws as these are simple modern additions to your living room which can transform your armchair into a statement piece. 

Earthy Tones

Image:  Ideal Home  

Warm earthy tones like browns and greens will never lose their appeal for many, and these colours have a way of transforming the atmosphere of any space into a calm sanctuary. This year is no exception as stronger emeralds and chocolates still make an appearance on the high street. Zara Home has some excellent throws, and what's more, are available in the new year sales.

Out With The Light And In With The Dark

Image:  Pinterest  

We are all too familiar with the light woods of Scandinavian interiors and furniture, but this year dark timber is dominating many new interiors as they work incredibly well with the bold, bright colour trends also in fashion at the moment. If you’re not too fond of dark walls and windows, you can always stick to dark furniture but ensure there is plenty of natural light too to strike a balance.

Try Freakebana

Image:  The Cut

Image: The Cut

For those who don’t know, Freakebana is an eccentric variation of the centuries-old Japanese art form of Ikebana but turning it on its head by putting together whatever living things and natural items you like to create unique arrangements. In simpler terms, it's more exciting than just putting flowers in a container. This new style trend encourages boldness and originality, just be careful to avoid any 'Mr Potato Head' creations. 

Mixing Your Finishes

Image:  Studio McGee    

Marble, Wood, Metallics, Laminates. All materials which have distinct pairings and ways to go together previously, but this year we will see more experimenting with mixing rather than matching. It's a more daring approach to interiors which can enhance the quality of your kitchen for example if you contrast white marble with pinewood seating.  One great tip is to use black against these materials as it goes with everything! 

Love Omar x

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