What the F is Freakebana?

You may have seen in our article, Interior Design Trends Here To Stay For 2018 last week we mentioned a new alternative approach to flower arranging called Freakebana. We thought this new floral craze deserves a closer look as we believe this art form might be making more of an appearance this year. So, what exactly is Freakebana you ask? Well, pronounced “freak-ehba-na”, this is an adaptation of the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging known as Ikebana, a tradition of creating minimalist floral offerings for Buddhist altars which started back in the 7th Century. The modern version of this technique not only uses different flowers and foliage but also items you may not usually consider; from fruit to household objects making it 'Ugly Cool'. Sounds a bit mental? It is a bit, and it can be quite comical at times, but there are some jaw-dropping arrangements out there worth taking inspiration from, and we've picked our favourites uses below. As this is the year of being bold perhaps, Freakebana is precisely what your home needs?

Foodie Freakebana

Image:  The Cut

Image: The Cut

A table centre piece is a perfect place to create your first arrangement using your menu perhaps as inspiration. You can use fruit past its sell-by-date, shells, a piece of driftwood or an existing ornament as your starting point. Use items which suggest the theme of your dinner party or celebration.

Footwear Freakebana

Image:  Elle Decor

Image: Elle Decor

Wondering what to do with that old Manolo? Why not use an old shoe . We love the choice of bold colours, and the high heel is the perfect vessel and elegant stand for any arrangement you create. We can see this being popular for weddings or bridal showers.

Finest Freakebana

Image:  Trend Hunter

Remember there are no rules, so go crazy as the outcome might surprise you. However, if you want a more subtle approach, an arrangement like this could be the answer. The crescent of flower buds and petals tapering around your hot espresso is satisfying to the eye and perfect for afternoon tea. 

Funny Freakebana

Make it environmentally friendly use household products that are either about to be thrown away or abandoned. Be brave, and the finished result could be full of humour and your personality. We love this brave use of a tin can, lemon netting packaging and Durian fruit. You wouldn't think they go together, but they insanely work somehow and an instant talking point!

Freestanding Freakabana

Image:  Trend Hunter

I haven’t figured out how this particular Freakebana stands, however, it is a favourite of mine and the choice of ocean blue comb, along with some random gold plumbing and a stunning tropical flower is striking and completely original. Now, where to put it?!

Forward Thinking Freakebana

Image:  Scibd

Image: Scibd

I can just imagine this piece in the Tate Modern. It's a peculiar creation which makes you examine it and reminds us there are countless possibilities when it to creating your own Freakebana arrangement. Go surprise yourself!

Love Omar x

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