The Magic Of Using Mirrors To Transform A Space

One of the challenges in interior design is to maximise space and to make a room appear bigger. Living in a city with cramped apartments, not having enough room is an issue we constantly come across. However, there are ways to create the appearance of spaciousness in any home using mirrors. These can be a beautiful addition to any home and have the ability to transform and give the illusion your home is bigger and lighter than it is. This ordinary everyday item can have more than one purpose and can be a very affordable addition to any interior. There are several techniques to pull this off successfully though, so here are our tips for achieving mirror perfection. 

Mirror Dividers

Image:  Dezeen

Image: Dezeen

Mirrors make a room appear larger but can also act as a room divider without losing valuable light or adding an imposing wall. You can see how this works with this tall floor-to-ceiling mirror used in this ‘House of Mirrors’ design, helping an open plan home separate the kitchen from the living room.

Vanity Mirrors

Image:  Sims Hilditch

Instead of installing two mirrors for a double bathroom sink interior, using a large panelled wall mirror with hidden cupboard space can open up any ensuite room and make it look quite grand. This wall concept is something to consider along with our other Feature Walls ideas in our article last week

Overhead Mirrors

Image:  Houzz

Image: Houzz

We all have box rooms which suffer from being cramped and claustrophobic. Using a mirror above the headboard can bounce the limited light the room receives to make it seem much more open and less imposing. It can also act as a decorative piece to complete your bedroom interior.

Ornamental Mirrors

Image:  Elle Decor    

Image: Elle Decor  

If you are lucky to have an antique mirror in your home, consider hanging it like you would a painting. Using traditional old-school hanging materials can transform an old mirror into something beautiful and a focal point for any hallway, living room or bedroom. The bigger the mirror, the grander your interiors will look. A touch of Versailles to a humble home, perhaps?

Old And New Mirrors

Image:    Koket

Image: Koket

Soft antiqued glass tends to have a wonderful decorative feel with its speckled, rusted quality. This idea may sound hideous to combine old with new for a modern interior but upcycling is very popular these days, and if you can get the right skilled mirror craftsman like Morris Mirrors to can create a bespoke statement piece for your home. 

Distorted Mirrors

Multiple mirrors at different angles can deflect the eye from a dull, dead-end wall and encourage curiosity in the process. This style is perfect for landings or hallways in small apartments. Use different tinted colours, sizes and position to create your very own illusion and conversation piece.

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