Six Designer Kitchen Items You'll Want To Own in 2018

Kitchenware is an obsession for any stylish homeowner and this year's trends are an excuse to go out and add to your ever-expanding collection. Going natural with rustic, raw materials and traditional items, coupled with the latest technology and innovation which have helped reinvent certain everyday household items are all things to watch out for in 2018. Here are our top favourite picks we think you should own.

Jansen+Co Bakeware

Image:  Jansen+Co

Image: Jansen+Co

You can't go wrong with terracotta as they are timeless accessories for any kitchen and these beauties from Jansen+Co are no exception. Extracted from clay pits in Portugal, we just love the bright colours and alternate trim coupled with the earthy, rustic design.

Available at Jansen+Co.

Laguiole En Aubrac Mixed Wood Knife Set

Image:  Food 52

Image: Food 52

Wood is a fantastic way of embracing the rustic feel, and these Swedish Sandvik steel knives in various woods are a great addition to any countertop. Each knife has a handle hand carved in inky ebony, pale boxwood, buttery walnut, marbled olivewood, deep rosewood, and mottled juniper. Comes with or without the block.

Available at Food 52

White Company Linen Napkins

If you want to add a small touch to your existing modern kitchen, then using premium cotton-linen weave linen napkins are very popular right now. Going for natural, unbleached colours lends a timeless quality to your dinner table, ideal for casual or cosy little dinner parties. 

Available at The White Company.

Apple Home Pod

Image:  Wallpaper

Image: Wallpaper

If you want some high-tech for your home, then you need the HomePod. The minimal design is a subtle addition to your home decor compared to an old-fashioned sound system, and it responds to your voice just like Siri on your mobile phone. It adjusts the way it plays music, depending on where you place it in your room, and works out how to get the best from your selection on a track-by-track basis. Intelligent design for any modern home.

Available at Apple.

Frankfurter Brett Chopping Board

If you have money to burn and let's face it who does, then we would be buying this life-changing chopping board. No, we've not gone mad, the Frankfurter Brett isn’t just a chopping board – it’s a seriously well-organized workstation for your kitchen. It has extendable brackets to add containers for trash, prepped foods, ingredients & kitchen tools. The design comes in various wood finishes, and you can buy as many accessories for it as you like. Perfect for those OCD homeowners out there and it saves you a lot of time and space too.

Available at Frankfurter Brett.

Axo Mountain View LED Pendant



A total extravagance but why not have a beautiful vista of a mountain range above your dining room table created from blown-glass. This unique fixture designed from a single piece of glass by Dima Loginoff. The LED light is available in clear or tinted with translucent Amber or Grey. So if you have a couple of thousand pounds to spare, why not treat yourself to some Swiss Alps to dangle above your head.

Available at

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