How To Create Your Perfect Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home: it’s a social space to welcome everyone while cooking delicious home cooked food and catching up with your friends and family. This makes the kitchen the most important room in the home for many, including myself. Planning is essential when you decide to renovate your kitchen. so we thought we’d share some useful tips and considerations to get the most out of your newly designed space. 


Whether you want to renovate your existing kitchen or you are starting from scratch, the layout is the first thing you need to think about in order to maximise the space and achieve an excellent flow. The footprint between the cooking area, sink and dishwasher should be minimised as much as possible, this small trick will help you keep your worktop and cooking area organised and tidy while cooking your favourite recipes.

The fridge is usually the focal point of every kitchen, so if your space allows it, try to place the fridge close to the entrance as anyone who wants to grab a snack won’t interfere someone else's cooking experiments. If you are on a tight budget don't change the plumbing system, your renovation will be much more cheaper and stress free. 


Storage is fundamental: pans, pots, mugs, utensils and cutlery must have easily accessible, prominent locations. Think ahead and how you like to cook and use your space to ensure you have the ultimate organised kitchen. Consider drawers organisers for cutlery, utensils and Tupperware, kitchen foil, cling film etc . If you have a small space avoid upper cabinets and have open shelving system instead: the room will look bigger and brighter. On the other end, If you have high ceilings consider tall upper cabinets, you will have a lot more storage. 

If you are happy with the layout and storage capability of your existing kitchen, you might want to simply refresh the overall look and change the frontals or paint the original ones - adding a new colour is such an cheap and easy way to add much needed personality.  IKEA also produce the Kungsbacka range of customisable kitchen units, these are sustainable products made from recycled wood and covered with a plastic foil made from recycled PET bottles.


Appliances are the core of the kitchen, so invest part of your budget in replacing any that need updating. It might be costly at the beginning but I guarantee it will pay off later. New appliances should be energy efficient to help you save money in the future, with the added bonus of protecting the environment. In addition, your new kitchen features will be tailored to your busy lifestyle. Samsung now produce smart refrigerators that can tell you the shopping list and let you look inside without opening the door, as well as dishwashers which can be activated from your smartphone if you forgot to turn it on.


Metalware can make a huge difference to the overall look of your kitchen. Kitchen units can either have knobs, handles or pulls, a lot of choice but my advise is to think about the practicality - are children or elderly people who need to be able to access drawers and cupboards easily? You could mix and match to shake things up a bit too, for example you could have knobs on drawers and short cabinet doors, and pulls on much taller doors like your fridge or larder. These details can make or break a look in my opinion, yet they are an affordable way to spruce up a kitchen too so worth the attention.

When selecting metalware for tap fittings, stick to one finish, mixing brass with chrome can look ugly if you’re not too careful. Again, think who needs to use them as they comes various designs and shapes. Motion sensor taps are great for hygiene conscious people with children, if you want a more classic look then there are plenty of designers who will recreate vintage designs for you like Victorian Plumbing. if you lead a busy life, you might want to consider a Quooker tap which provides child filtered water and boiling hot water in one - ideal for making tea or a chilled margarita, boiling pasta and so on.


A solid slab splash back and worktop is a custom look guaranteed to give a luxurious touch to your kitchen. it is practical addition to any kitchen and can be made from various materials - marble, granite, corian and the cost doesn't have to be exorbitant. Quartz slabs are very affordable and in some cases look just as good as marble. If you are planning to have a kitchen island consider using the same material, it’s worth the additional investment as the end result will make your kitchen look timeless and incredibly refined, adding value to your property in the process.


Having the right lighting is as important as the right layout. Areas to consider are work surfaces and your main overhead lighting. It’s worth investing lighting for under upper cabinets and shelving; not only does it make for great mood lighting it also creates shadow-free space on your work surfaces, making your life easier when cooking. 

You can also install lighting inside your cupboards which is great for those awkward corner cupboards and for those who like midnight snacks. Pendant lights are one of my favourite features for a kitchen, they make any bar peninsula or kitchen island really stand out. If you want to add further dramatic tones it’s worth installing a dimmer switch so you can vary the atmosphere for when you have dinner parties.

Renovating a kitchen can be time consuming but a rewarding experience for a homeowner, you can get lost looking for the right brands, but if it still sounds intimidating then you can always book an initial design appointment in order to understand what you can and can’t do.

Have you recently renovated your kitchen? Let us know as we’d love to hearing your renovation experience. 

Love Omar x

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