Our Colour Combination Trends for Autumn/Winter 2019

The weather has definitely shifted over the last week, so as we settle in to colder and much darker evenings, we thought we would give our trend predictions for brightening up your interiors this year. There are three key colour combinations that have dominated London’s design week this year. Even the reliable neutral tone colour palette that serves as a foundation for many great interiors have a splash of colour. Whether you decide to mix and match them together or use them as stand-alone colour, these tones guarantee to bring a fresh contemporary look to your home and that wow factor you might be looking for.

Blue and Brown

This is a moody yet exciting colour palette, and the perfect backdrop for those cold and long days to come. Don't be afraid to go big with the colour combination as it has a certain masculinity but also elegance to it if you use natural wood textures. It’s a great look for those who love Scandinavian design as opting for more grey, dusky blues bring a sense of calm and order.

Blue and brown 2.jpg
Blue and brown 3.jpg
Blue and brown.jpg

Green and Pink

This combination has been around all year, and definitely a theme for 2019 whether it’s summer or winter, it seems. Pastel pinks partnered with deep emeralds or lighter sage greens seem to be everywhere we look on the high street. For something a bit extra introduce a statement piece of furniture in dark green like a plush velvet armchair or if that sounds too much, invest in some large tropical house plants.

Green and pink 3.jpeg

Red and Yellow

Often thought as as very loud colours, red and orange may seem a bit much but this year we’ve seen designers opting for a softer, lighter versions. Reds are almost pink and have a faded vintage feel, with the yellows veering towards mustard and turmeric shades.. What most people don't know is that these colour can really lift your home and mood. You don't have to go completely crazy with them either,. If you don’t want to commit, apply them to a wall, a piece of furniture or your soft furnishings as your starting point.

Red, yellow and orange.jpg

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