Why Walk-In Showers Are The Perfect Solution For Small Homes

For many city homeowners, having the time and space for a bath is a complete luxury, especially for those living in smaller inner city apartments. The reality for many busy commuters is that many only have time for a daily shower anyway, so if you’re in a similar situation and need to rethink your bathroom layout, perhaps finally opening up your bathroom to accommodate a walk-in shower could be the solution for you?

One of the most common versions of a walk-in is a glass enclosure, as glass helps create a bright and airy feeling - ideal for any small bathroom. Doorless walk-in showers are perfect option for those homeowners with very small bathrooms like a studio apartments. Despite the lack of privacy, it will open up the space completely, you just have to ensure the walls and floors are in the same material which is easy to clean.

Here are some of our top inspirational interiors to help start any stylish bathroom transformation.

Pastel Pinks

Pastel pink with black matt finishes is so on trend right now. The colour combination is tres chic and the soft tones with the hard line edges balances feminine and masculine. If you want to add a bit of drama to this interior why not combine this look with large monochrome or marble patterned tiles.

Double Showers

If you’re lucky to have enough extra floor space, installing a pair of shower heads can turn a bathroom into a must-have luxury interior space. Simplicity is key, so keep your backdrop to your double-shower head walk-in neutral and use the same colour throughout your bathroom to give it a much more unifying look. 

Terrazzo Madness

Terrazzo gives any contemporary bathroom the extra wow factor, It’s such a versatile, fun material to use when designing your bathroom or any room in your house come to think of it. This material has unlimited styles, and can be as dazzling or as subtle as you like. If you’re craving more ideas on how to use Terrazzo, check out our recent article

Colour Blocking

Colour blocking throughout the room one of our favourite trends this year and walk-in showers are definitely part of this new style. We recently installed a mustard yellow tiled wall for our Bloomsbury bathroom and we can’t wait to show you the results. Whether you paint a full or half wall, colour blocking will add lot of character to any small space. So don't be afraid to use it, the brighter the better!

Love Omar x

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